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Step Into The Most Costly And Luxurious Cinemas Round The Globe

Step Into The Most Costly And Luxurious Cinemas Round The Globe

In recent years, the appeal of watching a movie on a big screen while nibbling popcorn and drinking Coke has gradually lost its charm. Once considered an ideal date night or weekend activity, cinemas are experiencing intense rivalry from the advent of streaming platforms and digital media. As a result, many theatres are stepping up their game, focusing on improving the overall movie-going experience to persuade customers to return. From premium seating to gourmet food choices, these most expensive cinemas around the world are going above and beyond to provide moviegoers with an exceptional film experience.

Take a trip down memory lane to when Justin Bieber made headlines by closing down the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California, for a private screening of Titanic for himself and Selena Gomez, complete with a candlelit meal in the centre of the venue. Isn’t it what dreams are made of? The world’s most expensive cinemas in the world stand out for their attention to detail and commitment to providing a remarkable experience beyond the movie screen. So, why settle for a typical multiplex when you can have a rich and glamorous movie experience at one of these top-tier cinemas in the world?

Most expensive cinemas in the world for a luxurious escape in the cinematic world

Cinepolis Luxury Cinema, USA

When it comes to lavish movie experiences, California, the epicentre of Hollywood glitz, can definitely compete. Among the several expensive luxury cinemas in the world, Cinepolis stands out as the pinnacle of modern splendour. Visitors to the huge auditoriums can enjoy their movies while reclining in luxurious leather seats, basking in an experience that redefines comfort. But that’s only the beginning; At Cinepolis, attentive waitstaffs are on hand to satisfy your every craving, serving mouthwatering food and drinks with the touch of a button.

This Mexican cinema is regarded as a leader in the world of opulent movie experiences, setting the bar high. On offer are hand-crafted beverages and delicious meals to be enjoyed while lounging in luxurious, sophisticated chairs. But the grandeur does not stop with the grownups; Cinepolis guarantees that even its youngest customers have a memorable film experience. Children can enjoy a wonderful movie trip in a dedicated kids’ movie theater, complete with cosy beanbags, and vivid play areas adorned in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Address: 3015 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove, FL 33133

The Archipelago Cinema, Thailand

Archipelago Cinema is a beautiful architectural marvel set against the stunning backdrop of Nai Pi Lae lagoon on Kudu Island. Designed by visionary architect Ole Scheeren, this floating cinema goes beyond typical concepts of cinema, immersing guests in a dreamlike blend of nature and cinematic storylines.

Here, you can enjoy a moviegoing experience on seats made of converted lobster fishing rafts, softly bobbing on the tranquil waters of the lagoon, with a utopian scene of towering rocks rising from the ocean that act as the auditorium’s backdrop. Every showing at Archipelago Cinema is an extraordinary event, made possible by the willingness of residents who lend their boats for the occasion, which adds a sense of spontaneity and community to the experience. Visitors are transported through the darkness of the sea in growing excitement, which reaches a crescendo as they approach a bright raft in the centre of the tranquil waters. The audience becomes a part of an ethereal convergence of nature and cinematic storytelling as they are suspended between sea and sky, surrounded by the stunning lagoon environment.

The screen, nestled among the rocks, acts as a focal point, catching the eye and captivating the imagination. However, the sensation of floating, of being a part of this fleeting and otherworldly atmosphere, is what truly improves the experience. The audience becomes driftwood, loosely stacked on rafts to form a modular auditorium with an organic and architectural design.

The floating auditorium was created for Thailand’s Film on the Rocks Festival and now it’s permanently closed.

Address: Nai Pi Lae Lagoon, Kudu Island, Thailand

Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

Nitehawk Cinema is one of New York’s finest dine-in theatres, combining exceptional first-run and repertory film programming with tableside food and beverage service. The original Williamsburg location, which has been attracting cinephiles since 2011, was followed by the Prospect Park venue in December 2018. The Nitehawk experience goes beyond just watching films, with diverse, insightful, and entertaining programming including brunch, midnight screenings, and signature series. Movie aficionados can enjoy a journey through cinematic history with ongoing repertory screenings, as well as embrace the future of filmmaking with showcases of new independent films. This lavish theatre showcases lesser-known gems and reinvents familiar classics in new ways.

Nitehawk Williamsburg features a triplex configuration with theatres seating 92, 60, and 34 people, respectively. Downstairs, Lo-Res entices customers with its full-service food and drink menu, which includes handcrafted cocktails and tipples from local breweries. Outdoor sitting is especially appealing during the warmer months. Meanwhile, Nitehawk Prospect Park has a larger venue with seven screens ranging from 48 to 194 seats. The upstairs bar enhances the cinematic experience with delicious food and a delectable range of handcrafted drinks, local beers and spirits from regional distillers. Both destinations are true to their intended design and beautiful in their own ways, making them some of the most expensive and luxurious cinemas in the world.

Address: 188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY and 136 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur, India

Raj Mandir Cinema is an iconic movie theatre located in the heart of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since its initial opening in 1976, this meringue-shaped theatre has been a beloved trademark of the city, hosting several Hindi film premieres and enchanting spectators with its luxurious ambience.

As you step inside Raj Mandir, one of the most expensive cinema halls in the world, prepare to be transported to a realm of cinematic splendour. The theatre is outfitted with cutting-edge sound and projection equipment, including Dolby Atmos and SLS speakers, to provide a totally immersive movie-watching experience. Designed by renowned architect W. M. Namjoshi in the Art Moderne style, Raj Mandir is a magnificent blend of Streamline Moderne with late Art Deco elements. But it’s not just the cutting-edge technology that makes Raj Mandir unique; the beautiful interiors steal the show. The auditorium’s great size and elaborate décor, which resemble a meringue, are breathtaking. The foyer is equally spectacular, with gorgeous chandeliers, hand-crafted wooden tiles, and intricate glass inlay work. To enhance the experience, the air within Raj Mandir is delicately scented with a floral aroma, offering an extra layer of luxury and sophistication.

Address: C-16, Bhagwan Das Rd, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Edible Cinema, London

In Edible Cinema, the magic of great films meets the pleasure of luxury theatre, all with a distinct gastronomic twist. This immersive experience, which is located at Portobello’s Electric Cinema in London, elevates movie-going to a new level of sensory delight. As you sink into your enormous cosy velvet armchair, surrounded by gorgeous lampshades, chandeliers and the occasional double bed in the first row, you know you’re in for a treat. Edible Cinema stands out not just for its beautiful settings, but also for its creative notion of connecting food and cocktails to specific periods in the film.

Each guest receives a tray with eight numbered pots, each carrying a distinct-tasting meal. These courses are a delectable combination of little cocktails and canapé-sized foods, expertly prepared to fit key scenes in films as they are shown. Throughout the film, when different scenes unfold, a number appears next to the screen, indicating that the audience should enjoy the corresponding course. Every course is meticulously timed to the scene in question, whether to correspond with food on-screen or to heighten particularly emotive moments, allowing you to truly savour the refreshing cocktails and indulge the scrumptious snacks. A movie at Edible Cinema is a multimodal trip that tantalises your taste buds while immersing you in a cinematic experience unlike any other.

Address: It’s a pop up event that’s mostly held in Electric Cinema, London

Soho House Mumbai, India

Soho house mumbai
(Image: The Cool Hunter/ Facebook)

As the first Asian outpost of the famous Soho House brand, this private members-only club provides a refuge within the hectic city of Mumbai — a place where people can unwind, interact, and engage with some of the area’s most creative and important minds. Soho House Mumbai is a magnificent refuge tucked in the posh beachside neighbourhood of Juhu and houses one of the most expensive cinemas in the world.

Walking into Soho House Mumbai is like entering a world of polished elegance and artistic inspiration. The private screening room, which is decorated with Rajasthani motifs, oozes opulence and sophistication. Mohair armchairs flank the space, providing comfortable seats for members to relax as they enjoy their movie experience. Vibrant printed wallpaper and exquisite lampshades lend a touch of polish, creating an appealing atmosphere. Housed in an 11-story townhouse overlooking Juhu Beach, the screening room celebrates the city’s rich creative tradition. The interiors are a blend of contemporary design and traditional Indian aesthetics, including locally produced furniture, Indian antiques, and delicately block-printed Rajasthani fabrics. Each area of the club tells a tale, highlighting Mumbai’s unique culture and artistic traditions.

Address: 16, Juhu Tara Rd, Chandrabai Nagar, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

K11 Art House by MCL, Hong Kong

MCL’s K11 Art House is a game-changing cinematic venue that sets the benchmark for unforgettable film experiences. K11 Art House is at the cutting edge of cinematic innovation, with 12 screening rooms, including an IMAX house containing Hong Kong’s first IMAX® laser projection system and 11 houses outfitted with ultra-high-definition 4K laser projection and Dolby sound. Here, cinema goes beyond simply watching films; it includes the experience of immersing oneself in a world of alternative entertainment programmes and cultural spotlights. From avant-garde film festivals to special screenings highlighting unique cultural viewpoints, there is something for every cinephile to discover and appreciate.

A cornerstone of cinematic enjoyment and cultural involvement, K11 Art House provides more than merely movies; it also serves as a platform for creativity, inspiration, and social responsibility. Whether you want to have an outstanding cinema experience or make a positive impact on the environment, K11 Art House invites you to enter a world where art, culture, and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony.

Address: Level 4, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

CJ CGV Yeonnam, South Korea

CJ CGV is the leading cinema chain in South Korea, with operations spreading throughout Asia and the United States. It’s well-known for providing the most exquisite and personal cinematic experiences in the country, elevating moviegoing to new levels of richness and indulgence. CJ CGV’s array of upmarket offerings includes the CGV Yeonnam Suite Cinema experience, which highlights the company’s commitment to pushing the frontiers of luxury in the entertainment business. With the introduction of Suite Cinemas, CJ CTV hopes to elevate the traditional moviegoing experience and immerse patrons in the world of luxury.

The CGV Yeonnam Suite Cinema perfectly couples the luxurious conveniences of a hotel with the immersive experience of a big screen. Inside you’ll be surrounded by luxurious décor that exudes refinement and an undeniable sense of uber-luxe living. Leather seats tempt consumers to fall into their sumptuous embraces, while segregated compartments provide a private refuge for guests to experience the cinematic spectacle in complete comfort and privacy. Every aspect of the CGV Yeonnam Suite Cinema has been thoughtfully crafted to take your movie-watching experience to new heights. Whether you’re munching on gourmet nibbles or sipping on artisan cocktails, every moment is accompanied by a feeling of elegance and refinement.

Address: 186 Yanghwa-ro, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Aurum Theatre, Malaysia

A symbol of prestige and exclusivity in the world of cinema named for the Latin term and chemical element for gold, Aurum Theatre is the pinnacle of cinematic luxury, meticulously created to provide an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The interior of the Aurum Theatre is set to envelop you in grandeur. The hallways are decorated with plush recliners, inviting guests to relax as they enjoy a cinematic feast for the senses. However, the opulence does not end there — exquisite private cabins, bespoke service, and contemporary continental fine dining experiences await, ensuring that every moment is an unparalleled celebration of luxury. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or simply looking to spoil yourself and your loved ones, Aurum Theatre sets the bar for lavish film experiences. Beyond the glittering screen, Aurum Theatre presents three tantalising tastes, each giving a unique culinary journey.

Hokkaido Table entices with its combination of Japanese and Italian flavours, promising delectable omakase delicacies and restaurant surprises around every corner. Meanwhile, Kissa Cafe & Diner encourages customers to explore a world where East meets West, with juicy burgers and umami-rich french fries that entice the taste buds. For those seeking the extraordinary, JIN Gastrobar serves contemporary continental cuisine, with each dish meticulously created and served as a culinary masterpiece. Food is freshly prepared and served directly to your seat, so you never miss a moment of cinematic pleasure. And if you want more, a simple phone from your comfortable chair summons a devoted host who is ready to satisfy your every culinary wish.

Address: The Exchange TRX, Persiaran TRX, 55188 Kuala Lumpur

The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Mid Valley Southkey, Persiaran Southkey 3, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Embassy Diplomat Screens, Bangkok

Next on our list of the most expensive and luxurious cinemas around the world where extravagance knows no limitations is Embassy Diplomat Screens, which reflects this attitude with its regal and majestic setting. Step inside this movie palace and you’ll be transported to a realm of extravagance and luxury fit for royalty. The cinema halls of Embassy Diplomat Screens are designed to resemble the grandeur of a royal estate, oozing sophistication and refinement. Opulent cinema halls take on the form of cosy airport lounges, with every detail carefully engineered to deliver the ultimate in comfort and delight.

These halls are filled with luxurious comforts. Guests are spoiled for choice, with sitting options ranging from sumptuous day beds and loft beds draped with pillows and soft blankets to plush cocoon seats that engulf them in cosiness. And if you want, a simple touch of a button will send a dedicated butler to attend to your every need. But the luxury does not stop there. Each hall provides a unique viewing experience, with less than 40 seats assuring an intimate setting. Guests are given headphones for a customised audio experience, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the movie magic. To top it off, each hall has a private bar, where guests may indulge in a selection of great wines, cocktails and gourmet snacks, further enhancing the movie-watching experience.

Address: Executive Cinema Corporation, 6th Floor, Central Embassy, 1031 Phloen Chit Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Cineteca Matadero, Madrid, Spain

After five years of precise rehabilitation and renovation work, the abandoned refrigerators and boiler of Madrid’s municipal slaughterhouse emerged, dazzling from its stunning makeover. Architects José María Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo’s imaginative idea transformed the historic site into Cineteca Madrid, ushering in a new age of cultural enrichment for the city. Cineteca Madrid, which opened in, 2011, is a modern and multipurpose venue dedicated to the research and celebration of audiovisual arts, occupying an astounding 2,668 square metres of space.

Cineteca Madrid is a beacon for artistic research and cinematic innovation, with a strong emphasis on nonfiction films, experimental documentary formats, and alternative and independent films. The institution works closely with festivals and cultural initiatives throughout Madrid, creating an environment that promotes intellect, creativity, and critical engagement. Cineteca Madrid has three cutting-edge projection rooms: Azcona, which seats 224 people, Plató, which seats 121 people, and Borau, a more intimate space with 65 seats. In addition to these designated screening areas, Cineteca Madrid also has other useful multipurpose rooms, such as the Archive, Lobby, Cantina, and Patio.

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Address: Pl. de Legazpi, 8, Arganzuela, 28045 Madrid, Spain

The Cinema at Selfridges, London

The Cinema at Selfridges is the best destination for luxury cinema experiences in central London. Located within the historic Selfridges department store, their three-screen cinema features a carefully curated selection of the biggest blockbusters and independent films, offering an unrivalled moviegoing experience for our discriminating customers.

Step into the cutting-edge screening rooms, where cutting-edge sound and video technology meet comfortable reclining seating that transports you to the heart of the action. Whether you’re watching the newest Hollywood blockbuster or finding hidden gems from the world of independent cinema, every experience at The Cinema at Selfridges is designed to delight and captivate. Relax and rest in the intimate and opulent foyer, where you can enjoy your favourite cocktails and gourmet food before or after the show. As you mingle with fellow cinephiles and absorb the excitement of the silver screen, allow yourself to be immersed within the venue’s sophisticated and refined atmosphere.

Address: 40 Duke St, London W1U 1AT, United Kingdom

Reel Cinema, Dubai

most expensive cinemas in the world
The Dubai Mall. (Image: The Dubai Mall/Facebook)

Widely regarded as one of the most expensive and luxurious cinemas in the world, Reel Cinema Dubai upgrades your movie-watching experience with Dine-in Cinema, where restaurant-prepared culinary delights await you right at your diner-style seat. No more settling for popcorn and soda — indulge in a feast fit for a movie mogul while viewing the newest blockbusters on the big screen. Browse the vast restaurant menu and choose your favourite dishes with the knowledge that each one will be freshly prepared to satisfy your taste buds. While waiting for your food to be constructed to perfection, sink into your leather seat, evocative of your favourite neighbourhood diner, and allow a sense of nostalgia to wash over your movie adventure.

When your food is ready, attentive waitstaff will bring it straight to the bench table in front of you, allowing you to savour every bite without missing a moment of action. With a handy small light to serve as a guide, you can enjoy your culinary delights without fear of spills or distractions. Dine-in Cinema serves a variety of dishes to suit every craving, including appetising starters and refreshing salads, as well as scrumptious pizzas, juicy burgers, and delightful desserts. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Dine-In Cinema has got you covered, providing gastronomic pleasures right to your seat while the action unfolds on the big screen.

Address: Level 2, The Dubai Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

(Main and Featured Image: Loop Design Awards)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is the most luxurious cinema in the world?

Reel Cinema in The Dubai Mall, Embassy Diplomat Screens in Bangkok, and Edible Cinema in London are some of the most luxurious and expensive cinemas in the world.

– What is the most beautiful cinema in the world?

Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam, Le Grand Rex in Paris, and Village East Cinema in New York are some of the most beautiful cinemas around the world.

– What is the most advanced cinema in the world?

The Dolby Theatre is a 180,000-square-foot, 3,400-seat cinema that reflects its commitment to science and innovation through its up-to-date technology. It also houses the Academy Awards each year.

– Which is the highest cinema in the world?

Cineworld Glasgow is the world’s highest cinema, standing at nearly 60 metres (200 feet). This has earned it an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

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