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Steve McQueen’s Previous 1970 Chevy K5 Blazer Is Now up for Grabs

Steve McQueen’s Previous 1970 Chevy K5 Blazer Is Now up for Grabs

If a vehicle was good enough for the King of Cool, chances are it’s more than suitable for the rest of us.

A 1970 Chevrolet K5 Blazer originally Steve McQueen is scheduled to go up for bid next month as part of Mecum’s Indy 2024 auction. And, unsurprisingly, it turns out that the actor and auto enthusiast had fantastic taste in SUVs.

McQueen may be more closely associated with motorcycles and sports cars, but he bought this high-riding two-door at the end of 1969. He bought it and four other Chevies—two four-wheel-drive trucks and two other examples of the off-roader—for his Baja racing team, according to Mecum. This particular Blazer is believed to have been put to use as the team’s tow vehicle during races.

Steve McQueen’s 1970 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

Mecum Auctions

The body and shell of McQueen’s SUV are finished in a lustrous coat of Citrus Green that’s broken up only by faux-wood striping running along the bottom of the vehicle and across the middle of its tailgate. The major difference between this Blazer and other first-generation examples—aside from its Hollywood pedigree—is its grille. The actor’s racing team swapped the factory part out for one from a GMC Jimmy that had four headlight and would provide better visibility at night in the desert.

This Blazer came with the most potent powertrain that was available at the time a 350 ci small-block V-8. The mill produces 200 hp and 350 ft lbs of torque which was split between all four wheels by a three-speed automatic gearbox. McQueen’s racing team modified the off-roader with front and rear Positraction differentials and it comes equipped with power brakes and front-locking wheel hubs.

Inside Steve McQueen’s 1970 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

Inside the K5 Blazer

Mecum Auctions

McQueen held on to the Blazer for two years. It was then acquired by Bob Bianchi, who acquired the vehicle for $1,500 after answering an ad in Penny Saver, according to the listing. The Bianchi family owned the SUV for more than 50 years, and even once took it on a 13,000-mile road trip, before parting ways with it in 2022. The vehicle has over 80,000 miles on it but looks to have been well taken care of over the years.

The Blazer will hit the auction block on Friday, May 17. Mecum doesn’t list an estimate for the off-roader, but the last time it hit the open market it was appraised at $350,000. There’s little reason to think its value has fallen in the two years since.

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Mecum Auctions

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