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Story of Talented Designer & Top Model Nera Lešić The Creator of NERA PARIS Luxury Lingerie

Story of Talented Designer & Top Model Nera Lešić The Creator of NERA PARIS Luxury Lingerie

Hollywood , California

A year from concept to creation, but a lifetime in the making for Nera Lešić, the designer and namesake behind luxury lingerie brand NERA PARIS. It is believed that NERA lingerie is one of those little luxuries that make life really worth living and which should be enjoyed by all women, regardless of shape, size, age or color. Nera lingerie is founded with innovation in mind and passion at heart. It is crafted with high performance materials and defined by delicate details, distinct sense of style and creation with the softest and purest silk from Italy. This is a brand for women who appreciate the finer things in life. This limited edition lingerie is designed in Paris.

Nera Lešić, designer , top model, magister of international relations and diplomacy, Miss Europe 2017. and also in Berlin she got awarded  as 5th top model of the World , created this brand to shape every women’s desire with creative sensitivity for highest level of luxury, elegance and style. We could see celebrity top model Nera Lešić walking in prestigious fashion shows, Cannes film festival red carpet, Venice Film festival red carpet, and many more.

NERA lingerie represents two sides of women – seductive and elegant. It is a source for women who are looking to embrace their fantasies with the best luxurious materials.Nera lingerie will offer you intimacy that will match the aestheics and silhouette of every body type. It brings best of quality and comfort, as well as sensual freedom, all thanks to the design that follows the natural body shape. It’s bold and flirtatious, yet classy; it will make you feel sophisticated and sexy. This lingerie will suit every mood and fit on any occasion. NERA lingerie expressed “ Confidence is sexy – and we want women to find it, to wear it, to feel it “

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NERA lingerie is handmade , extreme great care has been taken in creating each piece of there luxury Lingerie. They treat it as a beautiful work of art, using exclusive silk, lace and transparent fabrics that emphasize the commitment to uniqueness and highest quality standards. In Nera lingerie you are bound to feel exclusive, sophisticated, bold and beautiful. 

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