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Story of Talented French Canadian Interior Designer Marian Barker Founder of The Luxurious Brand Marian Paquette

Story of Talented French Canadian Interior Designer Marian Barker Founder of The Luxurious Brand Marian Paquette

Hollywood , California

Introducing Marian Paquette, an accessory line founded by a former interior designer whose concern for fabric waste combined with a passion for accessories led to a sustainably produced collection of iconic handbags and clutches crafted from luxurious European textiles. The dynamic lineup of designs is named after girlfriends and various family members. Created from ombre velvet, mohair, silk, linen, and textiles complete with vintage mesh detailing and irreverent hardware features, the U.S-produced collection is the brainchild of French-Canadian creative Marian Barker, all from within the confines of a picturesque beach bungalow boutique situated a stone’s throw from the waters of Laguna Beach.

Marian’s story begins in French Canada. As a child, Marian and her family immigrated to the United States to pursue a new way of life. Her creative journey began while working in retail which led to manufacturing and later visual merchandising. Once the designer got married and started a family, she decided to start her own interior design business which gave her the flexibility to work out of the house while still having time at home with her family. She has always nurtured her creative side. She enjoys searching flea markets for vintage costume jewelry. As a hobby, she would take apart and reconstruct jewelry into one-of-a-kind bracelets and sell them.

Nearly nine years ago Marian became concerned with what was happening to our landfills and decomposing textiles hurting the environment. Curious what her vendors were doing with their remaining samples, she called them up and asked if she could have them. Marian soon found herself making weekly pick-ups and storing remnant fabrics with the idea that she would find a new purpose for them. After experimenting in different ways with the saved textiles, she came up with the idea of making evening bags and then one thing led to another. Her collection has grown to include travel, clutch as well as structured handbags.

After two years and teaching herself how to make handbags, she knew it was time to do more than just sell bags to her friends. Today all bags are handmade in Los Angeles, CA, and designed in her Laguna Beach studio. Marian’s extensive travel experience can be felt in her collection. From the fabrics, overall design as well as finished hardware, one can see the influence from her trips around the world.

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Marian Paquette handbags are released in limited collections. Marian has designed the travel collection to have multiple functions, whether you prefer a handle, cross body strap, or chain the options are available and designed for the ease of travel. Soft to the touch and classic in design, it’s the difference between purchasing a purse and having a handbag among your treasures.

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