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Stream-Worthy Motion pictures And TV Exhibits Starring Korea’s Celebrated Actor Jo Jung-suk

Stream-Worthy Motion pictures And TV Exhibits Starring Korea’s Celebrated Actor Jo Jung-suk

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From theatre to the big screen — there’s nary a platform that one of South Korea’s most prolific comedy actors hasn’t conquered. His filmography boasts a string of hits — with him stepping into the roles of a doctor, investigator, felon, and chef (amongst others). Here’s a look at a few of Jo Jung Suk’s most career-defining, popular movies and TV shows.

Jo Jung Suk is currently hailed as one of South Korea’s most successful actors — with several hit movies and TV shows standing testimony to this. However, the journey to this point hasn’t been a cakewalk for him. Adversity — father’s untimely death and his mother’s dependency on him — led him to drop out of the Theater Department of Seoul Institute of the Arts to earn money through musicals. Soon enough, he’d built quite the stellar reputation for himself — with jaw-dropping performances in titles like Organ in My Heart, Janggeum the Great, and Spring Awakening.

“Ever since I was a kid, I think I always held a lot of excitement. Looking back, I used to really like Michael Jackson and so I would sing and dance a lot in front of my parents,” he told Korea Herald, adding that his standout traits included being able to improvise. In 2011, he seamlessly segued into television with the role of a talented yet awkward music student in What’s Up. The rest, as the adage goes, is history. Currently, he’s in the headlines for his role as a legendary baduk player Grand Prince Lee-in in the Joseon Era series Captivating The King. We take a look at a few significant projects of his career.

Jo Jung Suk movies and TV shows to add to your watchlist

Architecture 101

Directed by: Lee Yong-ju

Cast: Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in, Lee Je-hoon, Bae Suzy, Jo Jung suk

Release date: 22 March 2012

Synopsis: 20-year-old architecture major Seung-min (played by Uhm Tae-woong) falls for fellow ‘Architecture 101’ student and music major Seo yeun ((Han Ga-in). A class assignment brings them together, allowing them to open up to one another. However, the former keeps his feelings to himself and a misunderstanding has them parting ways. 15 years later, the latter reappears at the former’s doorstep — requesting him to help build her a house. He takes her up on it and as the two work together again, they find old memories and emotions resurfacing. Also in the picture? Nab-ddeuk (played by Jo Jung suk), Seung-min’s best friend.

About the movie: This marked Jo Jung-suk’s debut on the big screen — with critics hailing him for impeccable comedic timing. For his stellar performance, he bagged the Best New Actor title at the 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards, 2012 Cine 21 Awards, 2012 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, and 2013 KOFRA Film Awards.

The Face Reader

Directed by: Han Jae-rim

Cast: Song Kang-ho, Lee Jung-jae, Baek Yoon-sik, Jo Jung-suk, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Hye-soo

Release date: 11 September 2013

Synopsis: Face reader Nae-kyung (played by Song Kang-ho) has the reputation of being the most skillful in the Joseon Dynasty. A profitable deal with geisha Yeon-hong (played by Kim Hye-soo) sees him in the middle of a murder case and he successfully nabs the perpetrator. Soon enough, he’s offered a job by the king to identify traitors. However, this lands him in deep political turmoil and power struggles. By his side through it all? His brother-in-law and assistant Paeng-heon (Jo Jung Suk).

About the movie: This was Jo Jung Suk’s first historical title — his performance earned him accolades from critics as well as the title of Best Supporting Actor at the Grand Bell Awards as well as the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards that year.

My Annoying Brother

Directed by: Kwon Soo-kyung

Cast: Jo Jung-suk, Do Kyung-soo, Park Shin-hye

Release date: 23 November 2016

Synopsis: Judo star Doo-young (played by Do Kyung-soo) loses his sight permanently after an accident during a national event. His swindler older brother Doo-sik (played by Jo Jung-suk) — whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years — uses this news to fake an emotional crisis and receive parole. Having an estranged brother for a guardian is stressful on the former, who’s barely adjusting to his life with a disability. However, he slowly grows to trust him — working towards competing in the Paralympics.

About the movie: The film was a success, with Korea Herald reporting over 1 million viewers in just four days of release in local theatres. For his performance, he bagged Korea’s Top Star award at the 2016 Korea Film Actors Association.

Two Cops

Directed by: Oh Hyun-jong

Cast: Jo Jung-suk, Lee Hye-ri, Kim Seon-ho

Episodes: 32

Release date: 27 November 2017

Synopsis: Investigator Cha Dong-tak (played by Jo Jung-suk) has a strong sense of duty. Meanwhile, con-man Gong Soo-chang (played by Kim Seon-ho) has very few morals. Fate leads to the latter’s soul co-inhabiting the body of the former — the two having to work together to solve crimes.

About the show: The TV show was a wild success, strengthening Jo Jung Suk’s reputation as a comedic genius. For his performance, he bagged the Grand Prize as well as Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards.

Hospital Playlist

Directed by: Shin Won-ho

Cast: Yoo Yeon-seok, Jo Jung-suk, Kim Dae-myung, Jeon Mi-do

See Also

Episodes: 12

Release date: 12 March 2020

Synopsis: Five doctors — Lee Ik-jun (played by Jo Jung-suk ), Ahn Jung-won (played by Yoo Yeon-seok), Kim Jun-wan (played Jung Kyung-ho), Yang Suk-hyung (played by Kim Dae-myung) and Chae Song-hwa (played by Jeon Mi-do) — have been friends since they first joined medical school in 1999. Later, they begin working at the same hospital. While coping with everyday hurdles, they tap into their passion for music by forming a band. This, even though the lead singer has little talent or experience for the position.

About the show: This is one of the most popular Korean TV shows of all time — with Jo Jung Suk’s popularity soaring every episode. For his performance, he bagged the Best Actor title at the 2020 Brand of the Year Awards. The show was renewed for season two, its iconic reputation only strengthening. Soompi quoted the actor saying, “This being my first long-term drama with seasons, I think it will be an even more special memory.”

Oh My Ghost

Directed by: Yoo Je-Won

Cast: Park Bo-young, Jo Jung-suk, Lim Ju-hwan, Kim Seul-gi

Episodes: 16

Release date: July 3 2022

Synopsis: Sun Restaurant’s mellow assistant chef Na Bong-sun (played by Park Bo-young) can see ghosts. She leads a fairly regular life despite this. That is until she’s possessed by a lonely temptress who decides to live vicariously through her by seducing as many men as she can. Soon enough, she catches the eye of pompous and handsome chef Kang Sun-Woo (played by Jo Jung-Suk) whom she’s had a longtime crush on.

About the show: This drama was a commercial hit — earning him a lot of critical acclaim. For his performance, he bagged a string of nominations at major awards as well as the Two Star Award at the 2016 tvN10 Awards.

Happy watching!

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