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Sweet Koon

Sweet Koon

When Candy Koon assumed the position of president and CEO of Easyknit International Holdings in 2010, she began its transformation from a garment company into a diversified enterprise most prominently engaged in property investment and development, as well as securities investment and financing services. In 2015, she established the Easyknit Charitable Foundation, which actively supports a range of social causes with a firm focus on underprivileged families, young people and women in need. Her philanthropic efforts also extend across numerous other foundations and initiatives, including the Chicken Soup Foundation, Christian Action, Hope of the City Foundation, the Salvation Army, the Society for Community Organisation, the Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organisations Alliance, the JLife Foundation and the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Sports Association for the Physically Disabled. “Looking ahead, I’ll continue to lead our organisation in diversifying our real-estate business,” says Koon. “One of my aspirations is to contribute to the establishment of an inclusive society. Through our charitable foundation, I aim to allocate additional resources to support underprivileged families, promote youth education and advance women’s welfare initiatives.”

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