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Terracamper Has Turned the Legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Into an Off-Street-Prepared RV

Terracamper Has Turned the Legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Into an Off-Street-Prepared RV

There’s a new option out there for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts who love spending time outdoors.

Terracamper has turned the G-Wagen, the German marque’s beloved SUV, into an RV, according to New Atlas. It may not be as well suited for the campground as the ever-popular Sprinter van, but it offers better looks and more off-roading capabilities.

If you’ve been paying attention to luxury camper vans over the last decade, you know that the go-to base is the Sprinter. It doesn’t matter where a shop is located—in the U.S., Europe, or even further abroad—if they do camper conversions, their top-of-the-line model is probably the Mercedes van. Terracamper’s latest RV, the Tecrawl, has the potential to draw plenty of interest away from its cousin, though.

Terracamper Tecrawl


The German camping company has taken the current-gen G Class, ripped out two of its rear seats, and outfitted it with a clever modular accessory kit that turns it into a camper that can sleep up to three adults. Mercedes’s boxy 4×4 doesn’t have the biggest cabin—especially compared to its three-row rivals—so the kit includes a roof-mounted tent that can sleep two. Meanwhile, the other person can sleep on a convertible sofa located in the rear cargo area. The tent, which is accessible via a ladder, also includes a retractable awning that can provide shade once you’ve found a spot to set up camp.

The Tecrawl doesn’t have as many luxe features as other conversions we’ve seen, but it has more than enough for a few days on the road. This includes a pull-out, outdoor kitchenette that includes a two-burner gas range, pantry, fold-up counters, and a fridge box. There’s a workspace complete with a desk and a decent amount of storage space inside the vehicle. A thermal insulation pack, 150-Ah lithium battery pack, and solar charging are also available as add-ons.

The Terracamper Tecrawl's kitchenette

The Tecrawl’s kitchenette


Terracamper doesn’t mention anything about mechanical specs, but the current G 550 has a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 under the hood. The brawny mill produces a more-than-respectable 416 hp and 450 ft lbs of torque which is sent to all four wheels by a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Not that you’ll need it at the campground, but the SUV can launch from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 130 mph. There are some pretty capable camper vans out there, but this 4×4 will leave them in the dust.

Inside the Terracamper Tecrawl's rear cargo area

Inside the Tecrawl


The Tecrawl conversion kit is priced from €11,000, or around $11,900, and is compatible with any G-Class model built after 2019. Just remember you will have to source the 4×4, which starts at $139,900, yourself.

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