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The 13 Greatest Eating places in America, Based on Michelin

The 13 Greatest Eating places in America, Based on Michelin

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Michelin is a famously opaque organization, with its anonymous inspectors spanning the globe to rate restaurants. The tire company turned culinary bible doesn’t really let the world in on its process, and for the establishments that do reach its highest levels of three stars, the guide simply says these temples of gastronomy possess “exceptional cuisine worth a special journey.” But even with that limited definition of a three-starred restaurant, you can picture one in your mind: high levels of service, beautiful dining rooms, and tasting menus with creative flourishes. And when restaurants do reach that level of three stars, they become the destinations for special journeys, with people traveling the world to eat at one of the roughly 140 top-rated restaurants by Michelin.

After a few pandemic years that made the guide pause on demotions, Michelin is back to shaking things up again and the ranks of American three-starred restaurants have shifted since 2022 through closures and promotions. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare split with its legendary chef César Ramirez, closed for a few months to regroup with new chefs, and in the process Michelin stripped them of all three stars. Quince paused to remodel for the better part of 2023 but retained its stars and returned to San Francisco with a fresh new look and à la carte options to accompany its tasting menu. But in the biggest move of the past year for the three-star ranks in America was that Chicago was no longer home to just one of Michelin’s highest-rated restaurants. John Shields and Karen Urie Shields’s Smyth joined Alinea as Windy City three-stars. The team behind former three-star Grace is back with Ever and holding at two—perhaps they’ll make it a trio of top-rated restaurants in Chicago soon and join the ranks of the 13 Michelin three-starred restaurants in America.

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