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The 5 Greatest Conventional Thai Meals to Eat for Songkran in Bangkok

The 5 Greatest Conventional Thai Meals to Eat for Songkran in Bangkok

Whether you’re in Thailand for Songkran as a local or a tourist, these Songkran foods are guaranteed to satisfy all. Here are the sweet and savoury dishes to enjoy during Songkran and summer in Bangkok and Thailand.

These traditional dishes are best enjoyed during Songkran and summer for different reasons. Some are available seasonally, some have special cultural meanings, and some are just so refreshing they can really beat the heat. Songkran, sometimes referred to as the Thai New Year, can be a time to refresh and restart your mind and body, and these lucky foods are signs of celebration that everybody will love.

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The 5 Best Traditional Thai Foods to Eat for Songkran in Bangkok

Khao Chae

Image credit: Jim Thompson Restaurant

Khao chae is only available during the summer in Thailand, and Songkran is a great time to khao-chae-hop around many Thai restaurants. The dish has its roots in Mon culture, and originated from Phetchaburi province. While in Bangkok, a lot of upscale Thai restaurants present their royal heritage recipes in complete sets comprising of a bowl of jasmine rice soaked in scented water and seven to ten delicious condiments.

Get khao chae at The Siam Tea Room, Jim Thompson Restaurant, The Mandarin Oriental Shop, and more in our curated list.

Mango Sticky Rice

songkran foods to try mango sticky rice
Image credit: R.HAAN

Although Thai people consume mangoes throughout every season and every stage of ripeness, the most beautiful mangoes prosper between March and May. Consequently, the sweetest, most sumptuous mango sticky rice is served during this period. The infamous Thai dessert needs no explanation at this point, but Bangkok is never tired of churning out new creative versions of mango sticky rice, from the Soft Power Thai Mango Sticky Rice served at the end of the course menu at R.Haan, to the Mango Sticky Tart at the new La Cabra Bakery.

Get mango sticky rice at Saneh Jaan, R.Haan, La Cabra Bakery, and more on our list.

Pad Thai

Image credit: Mayrai PadThai Wine bar

Some say eating long noodles during the Thai New Year is auspicious, because it symbolises a long, prosperous life free of obstacles. All those beliefs aside, the classic Chan noodles Pad Thai with jumbo-sized prawns are still also a super satisfying comfort food. While a lot of street food and casual restaurants offer amazing Pad Thai, you can opt for the Netflix-famous rendition by Chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn of Nusara, Le Du, and many others. His Mayrai Pad Thai can be topped off with giant prawn or Wagyu beef.

Get Pad Thai at Mayrai Pad Thai Wine Bar, Baan Phadthai, and more on our list.


Image credit: ZaoLarb

Larb is homophonous with ‘luck’ in Thai, so it’s considered a fortuitous dish that aligns with the feisty spirit of the summer. Larb mhoo sub or minced pork larb is a simple dish that can be found in any Esan restaurant, and while every Bangkokian has their own go-to som tum corner, Zao Larb is one worthy spot for all Sukhumvit city dwellers. Zao Larb is part of the Zao food universe that focuses on larb and jaew hon, or Esan hot pot.

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Get larb at Zao Larb, Larb Siab Isan Spicy BBQ.

Thai Desserts

Image credit: Saneh Jaan

A collection of nine ‘golden’ Thai desserts could definitely foreshadow a golden year ahead. Any ‘thong’ desserts are a good fit for the lucky occasion, whether that thong yib, thong yod, foi thong, thong aek, or thong muan, all of which can be enjoyed at their finest at Saneh Jaan. To beat the summer heat, some refreshing iced desserts can also help, for example Iced Longan in Coconut Milk at Sri Trat, or the Ruam Mitr Coconut Ice Cream at Khao.

Get Thai desserts at Sri Trat, Khao, Saneh Jaan and more on our list.

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