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The 7 Finest New Cabernet Sauvignons From Napa Valley’s Dynamic Rutherford Area

The 7 Finest New Cabernet Sauvignons From Napa Valley’s Dynamic Rutherford Area

Famous Napa Valley winemaker André Tchelistcheff is known to have said, “It takes ‘Rutherford Dust’ to make great Cabernet Sauvignon.” Referring to the deep soils at the center of the valley, this brings to mind the earthiness of the distinctive Cabernet and other red varieties that thrive here as well as the cocoa powder character found in some bottles. This American Viticultural Area sits on the former Rancho Caymus land grant that was bestowed on Napa Valley pioneer George Yount in 1836. Yount is said to be the first to have planted grapes in the valley, and the nearby town of Yountville—now home to Michelin three-starred French Laundry and several other notable restaurants—was named for him. He turned over a large portion of the ranch to his granddaughter Elizabeth and her groom Thomas Rutherford in 1864 as a wedding present. The young couple followed in Yount’s footsteps and continued planting vines here for 20 more years, and the AVA still bears their surname.

The Rutherford AVA is located at the widest part of Napa Valley and some of region’s most famous and historic wineries call it home. Consisting mainly of valley floor vineyards, Rutherford receives long hours of sunlight that contribute to the ripeness and bold fruit flavors of grapes grown here. Elevated vineyards on the west side of the appellation are shielded from the sun in the late afternoon by the Mayacamas Mountains, preserving acidity, while to the east, in the Vaca range, topographic variation creates a series of microclimates that add restraint and finesse.

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