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The 7 Greatest Heavy Jets within the World, From Gulfstream to Embraer

The 7 Greatest Heavy Jets within the World, From Gulfstream to Embraer

Dassault Aviation

When it comes to coast-to-coast travel, it’s usually wise to bring in the heavies. Speed, time, and range matter to business travelers, and heavy jets have proven to be the most efficient way to ferry a group on transcontinental or, with many jets on this list, transatlantic flights. The heavy-jet category falls between the more expensive and exclusive world of ultra-long-range jets and a larger group of super midsizes, though sometimes those categories intersect.


Much has changed since the first 65,500-pound Grumman Gulfstream II took to the airways in 1966, using a pair of Rolls Royce Spey turbofans for its nonstop transcontinental flight. The latest heavy jet from Dassault, the Falcon 6X, has an extra-wide body cabin for comfort and best-in-class avionics. Typically, this jet category can accommodate five to 14 passengers, with the ability to fly more than 12 hours. A full galley, space for large amounts of baggage, the latest entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi are also givens.


The latest generation of heavy jets continue to post increases in range, speed, and avionics, as well as adopting new technologies, for both safety and cabin comfort, to keep the category as relevant any other business jet class.


Here are seven of our favorites, past and present, that are flying these days.

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