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The Concept of You will get muddled in romantic tropes

The Concept of You will get muddled in romantic tropes

Prime Video’s newest romantic flick with Anne Hathaway might have been totally different however falls into the trope entice as an alternative. Right here’s our evaluation of The Concept of You.

It’s insane that Anne Hathaway is 41 years outdated. First off, she doesn’t appear like it, and secondly, she’s going to at all times be Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia to this ageing millennial. It took just a little suspension of disbelief for me when watching this film as a result of not solely was she enjoying a nearly-middle-aged lady however she additionally has a teenage daughter. In the long run, that wasn’t bothersome in any respect. In reality, Pime Video’s The Concept of You has an important premise that units the stage for an important story, and although it makes an attempt to do one thing totally different, it sadly falls into the everyday tropes of comparable romantic movies

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The Concept of You evaluation: Filled with potential—and your typical romantic plot

Notting Hill-esque 

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Solène Marchand (Hathaway) is a single mom who lives a profitable and quiet life. She simply turned 40 and spends her nights burying her nostril in a e book and isn’t all in favour of relationship regardless of her mates making an attempt to push her as a result of the relationship pool is, to place it succinctly, abysmal. On a spur-of-a-moment journey to Coachella together with her daughter, she has a meet-cute with Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), the 24-year-old member of a boyband her daughter used to adore. Finally, the 2 of them strike up a passionate romance that finally develops into one thing deeper.

There are many romantic tales much like this: regular particular person meets famous person particular person, they fall in love, and so they now must take care of the cruel actuality of getting a relationship within the highlight. We’ve seen it within the likes of Notting Hill and America’s Sweethearts (coincidentally, Julia Roberts performs the famous person and the “normie” in every, respectively). However The Concept of You has one factor these different movies don’t: a middle-aged lady falling for a younger man.

What might have been

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The film does make use of this plot level just a little bit, exhibiting simply how unnecessarily merciless individuals could be to a girl on this scenario in comparison with a person. Leo having a cut-off age of 25 years for his girlfriends is hilarious; Solène, on this movie, is labelled a cougar, which sadly displays true life. The film delves just a little into the toxicity Solène and her daughter must face due to her relationship with Hayes. As a personality within the film bluntly places it, “Individuals hate joyful ladies.”

However right here’s the factor: it solely makes use of this plot level just a little bit when it ought to have been the principle focus of the whole movie. That’s what units it aside. As a substitute, the movie delves into it in the direction of the top. Sadly, the vast majority of the film is simply your run-of-the-mill romantic story: meet-cute, denial of needs, the eventual giving in and happiness, after which hassle. Even the writing is typical: when Hayes is making an attempt to persuade Solène to pursue their relationship and asks why she’s hesitant, she responds with “Since you’re you and I’m me.” In a while, she even manages to say the world-famous “It’s not you, it’s me” line. 

By the ability of Hathaway

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The movie additionally tries to be considerably edgy. It will get steamy at occasions—and granted, the chemistry between Hathaway and Galitzine is palpable—and the movie tries to amp up the eroticism however it simply felt misplaced. It was as if it didn’t know what tone to go for, going from enjoyable and romantic in a single scene then instantly turning into titillating and steamy within the subsequent. 

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Anne Hathaway, nonetheless, can do no unsuitable, and even her co-star Nicholas Galtizine does a terrific job. Each had been capable of do their finest with subpar writing, a predictable plot, and two-dimensional characters however even their efforts weren’t sufficient to present the movie depth. 

Tropey however entertaining

review the idea of you
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There have been moments in the course of the movie the place I caught a glimpse of what it might have been. In contrast to different actors who’re clearly simply there for the paycheck, Hathaway and Galtizine carry their A-game. The plot shines briefly, making me suppose that isn’t your typical tacky romantic film—till I realised that there are solely about half-hour left of the movie. The Concept of You might have been a one-of-a-kind romantic film. Sadly, it’s simply tropey and forgettable however nonetheless considerably entertaining for a one-time watch. 

The Concept of You is streaming on Prime Video on Could 2

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