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The Final Cheat Sheet to TikTok Aesthetics and Revolving Vogue Tendencies

The Final Cheat Sheet to TikTok Aesthetics and Revolving Vogue Tendencies

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If you’ve spent any time online this year, you’ll likely have come across words like ‘Barbiecore’ and ‘Y2K’ – apt, but often confusing descriptives for the revolving door of TikTok’s numerous trends. Take the guesswork out of style and fashion and let us walk you through our ultimate cheatsheet of TikTok’s most popular aesthetics. 

The world of TikTok fashion trends and aesthetics is a revolving door, erratic and fast paced in nature. Long gone are the days where style icons and fashion designers led changes in trends; the age of social media is one of instantaneous information, and likewise, inspiration. With the rise of Instagram and TikTok, the everyday person has everything they need to learn about a trending aesthetic – and likewise, to perpetuate one of their own.

On microtrends and TikTok aesthetics 

Given how quickly information is shared on social media, it makes sense then that TikTok has become the birthplace for numerous aesthetics and microtrends – each carefully curated to appeal to an audience with specific interests, likes, and dislikes. Others are born as the result of pop culture moments – chief among them last year’s trending aesthetics, Barbiecore, which took over TikTok following the success of Greta Gerwig’s award-winning Barbie, and quiet luxury, which sparked high demand for understated elegance in the wake of Succession fever. 

Generally, following a trend isn’t a particularly harmful practice in and of itself. However, critics have been quick to point out that microtrends and TikTok aesthetics have a tendency to perpetuate fast fashion and consumerism. Ultimately, this drives deeper discussions, pitting low-quality pieces that feed the trend cycle against well-made pieces that hold evergreen appeal.  

The ultimate challenge for trendsetters, then, is to provide fresh perspectives on fashion whilst championing sustainable consumption – essentially shedding light on pieces that can assimilate into multiple styles and outlive the average TikTok aesthetic life cycle. Considering the fluid and transcendent nature of fashion, however, devotees of style are likely to meet that challenge with ease. 

Whatever your aesthetic and style, rest assured TikTok has just the –core for you, with plenty of styling advice to boot. And if you’re having trouble figuring out what’s what, read on for our cheat sheet and guide to the most popular TikTok aesthetics, as well as how you can get the look. 

The ultimate cheat sheet to TikTok aesthetics and fashion trends 


While the birth of the Barbiecore aesthetic can be credited to ’90s superstars the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, its current iteration as a TikTok aesthetic is likely to have begun with K-pop juggernaut BLACKPINK’s global success and subsequent world tour.

As all bygone trends do, Barbiecore returned in 2022 to great success, becoming the TikTok aesthetic to emulate seemingly overnight. 

This TikTok aesthetic’s popularity would eventually come to a head with the 2023 release of Greta Gerwig’s hit movie Barbie. Barbiecore is exactly what it sounds like – vibrant and bubbly shades of pink from head to toe, with clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and more to boot.

With celebrities like Margot Robbie and Florence Pugh instantly hopping onboard, so too have the fashion houses of today, with Chanel, Armani, and Valentino debuting the colour on runway shows as early as 2022. 


Step into the simplicity of country living with the most bucolic and gentle of TikTok’s many aesthetics. Cottagecore isn’t merely a style of dressing, with its rustic linens, chunky knits, vintage embroidery, intricate lace, and sturdy plaids in earthen shades.

True advocates of the Cottagecore aesthetic know that it is a slow, but intentional lifestyle recalling the softest of Hayao Miyazaki’s idyllic works, emphasising the joy and beauty of life as it is. Cosy is the key word here, with outfits that are comfortable above all, providing functionality befitting one who spends all day gardening, knitting, and baking. 

Cottagecore essentials include a pair of knitted sweaters, pinafores, aprons, sturdy trousers, romantic blouses with puffed sleeves, butterfly-sleeved dresses, and comfortable woollen socks. Don’t forget the ribbons for your hair, as well as the occasional flower crown made solely of fresh blooms from your garden. 

Clean Girl 

Love a minimalist take on life, fashion, and everything in between? If your answer is a resounding yes, TikTok’s Clean Girl aesthetic is just the one for you. Think ‘model off duty’, made flesh in Hailey Bieber’s iconic Strawberry Girl makeup look of 2023 and you’ve got the idea. In general, the Clean Girl look often entails a slicked back ponytail, a simple t-shirt or tank top, a casual smear of lip gloss, and natural skin that glows with a luminous healthy radiance. The goal is to look polished and put together, but also effortless – the epitome of ‘no makeup’ makeup. 

In terms of colour palette, opt for muted natural shades that accentuate your natural tone – creams, beiges, browns, and greys are popular hues, seamlessly evoking elegance in your daily outfits. Keep your jewellery and accessories subtle, but classic, allowing minimalism to speak for itself without screaming for attention.  

Mob Wife 

The first of new TikTok aesthetics to catch fire in 2024, the Mob Wife aesthetic eschews all minimalism in the face of bold glam, stark patterns and prints, opulent furs, and more. Recalling the glory and glamour of television’s most notorious (and fashionable) mob wives, this aesthetic embraces everything we love about The Sopranos, The Godfather, American Hustle, and so on. 

Nothing is too much for the Mob Wife to handle – from animal print to luxurious strings of pearls, Mob Wife winter is officially in season. From Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa to Kendall Jenner and Lauren Sanchez, celebrities are already hopping onto this aesthetic trend, bearing its iconic hallmarks loud and proud while out on the streets.

In terms of makeup, the Mob Wife aesthetic necessitates a bold brow and lip, sharp contouring, mascara, and a sleek cat’s eye to tie it all together. 


Everything makes a comeback, and that includes the fashion styles millennials have long left behind in 2000. Named for the period that birthed rhinestone-encrusted belts, all-leather co-ords, tracksuits, bandanas, miniskirts, and (gasp!) low-rise jeans, Y2K enjoyed a resurgence in mid 2016, and has since become a niche favourite in the realm of TikTok aesthetics. 

While its earlier iteration has left many millennials scarred for life, the neo-Y2K aesthetic of 2024 is adapted to suit more contemporary tastes. But whether you’re here for the butterfly hairclips, beaded chokers, or dresses over jeans combination, rest assured there’s a place for you in the annals of TikTok’s most popular aesthetics. 

The fashion industry has also followed suit, with the 2022 season serving looks at the runway shows of high-end brands like Diesel, Versace, Miu Miu, Fendi, Kenzo and more. 

Coastal Grandma 

Contrary to popular belief, the Coastal Grandma aesthetic isn’t just for grandmothers – it’s style and substance that would coax a smile of approval from Martha Stewart herself. The Coastal Grandma is endlessly devoted to a tan and beige palette, which she punctuates with shades of blue that recall sunny seaside holidays and nostalgic painted china tea sets. This aesthetic is both relaxed and casual, yet, when done properly, boasts an air of undeniable polish brimming with subtlety and sophistication. 

Simplicity is the name of the game when attempting to pull off the Coastal Grandma aesthetic. Opt for simple silhouettes that accommodate ease of movement, from casual shirts and ‘shackets’ to long, flowing dresses and fringed crochet cardigans. Whenever possible, choose natural materials like cotton, linen, and don’t be afraid to experiment with large woven bags that are perfect for a day on the beach.  


tiktok aesthetics, tiktok fashion aesthetics
Euphoria‘s Maddie Perez epitomises TikTok’s Baddie aesthetic with her bold statement styles and iconic strut. (Image: HBO)

The Baddie aesthetic is characterised by bold and edgy fashion, hair, makeup choices. First popularised on social sharing platforms like TikTok and Instagram, its name is derived from the colloquial compliment ‘Bad B—c’h, lending street cred to all who seek the Baddie life.

With aesthetic similarities that recall Y2K fashion, the Baddie wardrobe calls for crop tops, camo pants, tight jeans, trainers, sweat pants and hoodies, oversized graphic t-shirts, and long acrylic nails. A Baddie’s makeup is always on-point and flawless, often incorporating full coverage, sharp contouring, bold eyebrows, glossy pouting lips, and thick falsies. 

tiktok aesthetics, tiktok fashion aesthetics
Kylie Jenner is often credited with the pioneering of the Baddie makeup look with the birth of her cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics. (Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

A great pop culture example of this much-hyped TikTok aesthetic is Euphoria’s Maddie Perez, who gives off pure Baddie energy with a killer strut to match. In the real world, celebrities including Rihanna, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, and Ariana Grande have all shown off their Baddie sides, leading to the proliferation of this iconic TikTok aesthetic. 


Put away your fight face and step into your soft girl era with the dreamiest of TikTok aesthetics. The Coquette aesthetic invites girls to indulge in everything hyper-feminine, with dreamy pastels, flirty ruffles, whimsical blouses, babydoll dresses, sultry silken corsets, dainty lace stockings, oversized bows, and ribbons on full display.

Lovers of this aesthetic are encouraged to romanticise everything in life, drawing inspiration from the English-rose elegance of Bridgerton’s coiffed ladies, as well as the vintage appeal of Victorian and Rococo motifs. 

Long before it shot to fame as one of TikTok’s many fashion trends, the Coquette aesthetic practically belonged to dreamy crooner Lana Del Rey. However, with its recent surge of popularity, fresher faces in Hollywood including Sydney Sweeney and Lily-Rose Depp have adapted the look, gracing the red carpet in style. 

Stealth Wealth 

Whether you know it as Quiet Luxury, Old Money, or Stealth Wealth, this trending TikTok aesthetic is expected to retain its popularity well into 2024. This minimalist aesthetic first slid into 2023’s DMs following the widespread success of hit TV series Succession, in which ridiculously wealthy individuals exuded elegance and grace in chic tailored power suits. 

To emulate this highly popular TikTok aesthetic in your own wardrobe, start by selecting simple, but well-made clothing items that fall within neutral hues, black, white, grey, and navy. Compose a capsule wardrobe of simple basics like tailored slacks, blouses, blazers, structured dresses, kitten heels, and sleek, modern accessories. 

Think quality instead of quantity. Stealth Wealth pieces should feel like investments that transcend current trends and passing fads. For fashion inspirations, look to style icons Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Taylor Swift, and founders of quiet luxury fashion label The Row, the indomitable Olsen Twins. 


With an emphasis on the hyper-feminine styles that accompany the art of ballet dancing, it makes sense that the Balletcore aesthetic occasionally crosses over into Coquette territory. However, this TikTok aesthetic has firm roots in the artform for which it is named, incorporating ballet flats, woollen leg warmers, ethereal tutu skirts worn over pure white stockings, voluminous gauze ribbons, crop sweaters, leotards, and more.  

Hailed the style of ‘off duty ballerinas’, the Balletcore aesthetic marries athleisure with feminine silhouettes, wrapping it all up with polish and poise. Simple make-up recalling the Clean Girl aesthetic is preferred, though a chic cat’s eye, radiant porcelain skin, and a sleek bun are never out of place here.

The proliferation of Balletcore’s modern iteration is credited to K-Pop girl group Red Velvet, who drew inspiration from the style of dance for their 2022 EP Feel My Rhythm.  

In more recent news, the music video for Ariana Grande’s recent release Yes, And? paid homage to the aesthetic, featuring the singer in full Balletcore gear alongside her iconic high ponytail. Additionally, celebrated designer Simone Rocha brought her iconic style of design, incorporating elements of Balletcore, to Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture Spring Summer 2024 show – a sign that this niche aesthetic is here to stay its course.

See Also

Light and dark academia 

The Academia aesthetic often intersects with the Cottagecore aesthetic, which celebrates the minute joys of reading indoors on a rainy day. Inspired by academic pursuits, this aesthetic first made its rounds on TikTok in 2020, during the earliest days of the pandemic.

Romanticising days spent within stunning universities, echoing libraries, and magical hallways the likes of Hogwarts, this TikTok aesthetic encourages daydreaming and introspection, and no Academia outfit is complete without a leatherbound notebook and a fountain pen. 

tiktok aesthetics, tiktok fashion aesthetics
As far as on-screen academics go, Evie O’Connell from The Mummy (1999) is an absolute gem and ringer for the Academia aesthetic. (Image: Universal Pictures)

While Dark Academia aesthetics draw inspiration from gothic architecture, tweed jackets, classic literature, and intellectualism, Light Academia takes a more optimistic view, oftentimes emphasising nature and art. Both sides of the coin favour neutral tones and plaid patterns in natural materials like cotton, linen, and wool.

Turtlenecks, sweaters, coats, cardigans, slacks, long skirts, boots, and satchels are hallmarks of both sides, though Light Academia aesthetics oftentimes incorporate floral patterns and flowy dresses in softer colour palettes for a change. Accessorise your Dark Academia outfits with leather watches and chic berets and add a string of pearls for Light.

(Main image: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, lalalalisa_m/Instagram, cate_blanchettofficial/Instagram; Featured image: Hanna Lassen/Getty)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

– What are TikTok aesthetics? 

TikTok aesthetics are trending styles that feature across fashion, hair, make-up, interior design, and more. 

– What are the 4 types of aesthetics? 

There are numerous types of aesthetics and fashion trends currently popular on TikTok. While 2023’s most popular TikTok aesthetics include Barbiecore, Clean Girl, Cottagecore, and Baddie, 2024’s first new aesthetic, the Mob Wife look, is already making waves on and off the runway and in celebrity circles. 

– What is the TikTok style called? 

TikTok fashion trends are generally known as TikTok aesthetics. Each aesthetic generally encompasses a holistic view of the style, and creators quickly hop on board to share their ideas and tips for fashion, hair, and makeup. 

– What aesthetic is currently trending? 

The current trending fashion style on TikTok is the Mob Wife aesthetic. It is also the first new TikTok aesthetic to trend in 2024. 

– What is Gen Z aesthetic? 

The fast-paced nature of TikTok’s aesthetics mean that Gen Z are presented with numerous fashion choices to adopt on a daily basis. However, TikTok aesthetics currently popular with Gen Z include Y2K, Baddie, Clean Girl, Barbiecore, and Coquette among others. 

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