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The Most Costly Honey within the World

The Most Costly Honey within the World

Honey, the golden elixir from nature, has an unbeatable scent and sweetness that is hard to replicate. Since there are several factors contributing to the quality of honey, the best in the world tends to come with an expensive price tag.

As we all know, honey is produced by honeybees. They collect nectar from flowers and turn it into a magical syrup that’s packed with antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and other minerals. The more unpolluted the environment, the better the quality of the honey. Therefore, the areas devoid of industrial agriculture and pesticides are the ideal locations to produce the best honey.

As a superfood for both humans and insects, the most expensive honey in the world is produced in untouched or environmentally controlled areas, whether in a dark cave or in a distant farm. Explore the sweet list of the most expensive honeys here.

[Hero image credit: Centauri Honey; featured image credit: Douglas Raggio/Unsplash]

The Most Expensive Honey in the World

Life Mel Honey

Life Mel Honey is created under a unique process. The honey is produced by bees which feed on a special food mixture and grow in a controlled environment to ensure a pollution-free pollination process. It uses nectar derived from herbs like Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea, and Uncaria Tomentosa, as well as ingredients like iron, protein, and vitamins. The result is a beehive product that has the benefits of pure honey on top of those of therapeutic herbs and natural ingredients.

Price: $465/kg

Comvita Manuka Honey

Image credit: Comvita

The sustainably sourced, non-GMO, Project Verified, Certified UMF Raw Manuka Honey of Comvita is harvested during a specific time, two to six weeks a year. The hives are located in distant areas in New Zealand, where Manuka blossoms have the chance to bloom at most and best. With beekeeping experience since 1974, Comvita’s Manuka Honey is trusted for its benefits, and revered for its rarity.

Price: $576/kg

Himalayan Mad Honey

Image credit: The Mad Honey

The Mad Honey is harvested once a year in the hidden area of Lamjung, Nepal. It is made by the world’s biggest type of bee, the Apis Laboriosa, which takes nectars from the Himalayas’ Rhododendron forests. The unique properties of the Grayanotoxin pollen are also transferred into the honey. Among plenty of health benefits, the natural hallucinogenic and recreational effect The Mad Honey grants is truly one of a kind.

Price: $820/kg

Cave Honey

Image credit: Geohoney

Cave honey is generally rare and expensive because of its process, which involves little to no human touch. It is made with a rare type of bee that lives in dark caves and feeds on medicinal herbs, packing the honey with minerals like potassium, phenols magnesium, and antioxidants.

Price: $1,775/kg

Elvish Honey

Image credit: Elvish Honey

The Elvish honey is also produced by cave bees, specifically in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The strenuous harvesting process takes place in the Black Sea Mountains’ densest valley, which includes a two-hour hike, a six-hour walk, and lots of climbing. Because it is harvested only once a year, the Elvish Honey is really an ultra-rare gift from the nature.

Price: $6,800/kg

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Centauri Honey

Image credit: Centauri Honey

The rarest and most expensive honey in the world, Centauri honey, is a natural elixir that is sought after by the world’s politicians, royalties, and doctors. Although other kinds of honey are generally loved for their flavours, Centauri honey is hailed for its validated anti-cancer and immunity-boosting health benefits. This ‘liquid gold’ certainly doesn’t come easy, for the extraction process happens 10-500 metres below the surface in the depth of the caves. It is in these dark caves that the bees are nurtured with a special mixture and hence produce honeycombs full of intense minerals from the surrounding environment.

Price: starts at $16,500/kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the most expensive honey in the world?

  • Centauri honey was sold for £8,700/kg in 2021 and is the most expensive honey in the world according to the Guinness World Records. The price now starts at $16,500/kg.

Which is the No 1 honey in the world?

  • The best and most expensive honey in the world is Centauri honey.

Why Manuka honey is so expensive?

  • Manuka honey is more expensive than others because it is only produced in Australia and New Zealand where the flowers in Leptospermum family are grown. Honeybees collect nectar from these flowers and produce Manuka honey.

Why is Elvish honey so expensive?

  • Elvish honey requires a strenuous process to harvest, including hours of commuting on foot to the densest valley of the Black Sea Mountains. It can only be done once a year during the right season.

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