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The place to Go When You Get Turned Away at Jay Fai

The place to Go When You Get Turned Away at Jay Fai

The Michelin-starred Jay Fai restaurant is known for its crab omelettes, and the amount of wait for said crab omelettes. If the wait is too long or you simply cannot get a table, here are the restaurants near Jay Fai where you can try your luck.

Supinya ‘Jay Fai’ Junsuta has achieved celebrity status within the dining industry. She has been the chef of the small diner named after her for 40 years, and her talents are now recognised everywhere she goes — her restaurant is the only Michelin-starred street food restaurant in Thailand, and the only street food entry to appear on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

However, when you visit the icon behind the wok, you’ll find that the queue can be a little overwhelming. Here are some places you can visit instead, or just while your friend waits in Jay Fai’s line for you.

Where to go when you get turned away at Jay Fai

Image credit: Thipsamai Restaurant/Facebook

Pad Thai Thipsamai

Three shophouses away

When it comes to getting a good pad thai, Thipsamai’s recipe doesn’t disappoint. They have been cooking up a storm since 1939 on a boat along the canal, and have been mentioned by major news outlets around the world as they write about the now-famous dish, from TIME to the BBC. Make sure you order the pad thai sen-chan with prawns wrapped in egg.

You can find more information at Thipsamai Restaurant.

Image credit: taisoonbar/Instagram

Taisoon Bar

Across the street

To many, Taisoon isn’t just a bar, but a community space. Step in for the photogenic interior and wide array of craft beers on tap, stay for warm hospitality, and, well, the wide array of craft beers on tap. Sit and soak in the Chinese interior with hanging lanterns and neon signs as you take a sip of the guava stout.

You can find more information at Taisoon.

Image credit: Wu’s Yong Tau Foo/Facebook

Wu’s Yong Tau Foo

50 metres away

Yen Ta Fo, also called “pink noodle soup,” is brewed with a special red-coloured sauce made from fermented red bean curds and birdseye chilli. Wu’s has been perfecting their recipe for generations, and it’s perfect to have with their all-you-can-drink lotus root juice. Many people also go for their amazing stir-fried noodle options.

You can find more information at Wu’s Yong Tau Foo.

Image credit: Jokepratupee/Facebook

Joke Pratupee

100 metres away

Just around the corner is a little stall with a handful of seats by the pavement, and standing behind it is a very accommodating auntie asking you for your preferences. That’s how you know you’re getting a good meal. Joke Pratupee makes one of the best joks around and with more than reasonable prices, too. Have it with chrysanthemum tea and you’re in heaven.

You can find more information at Joke Pratupee.

Image credit: saisai.bangkok/Instagram


130 metres away

Saisai’s mission is all about celebrating local Thai ingredients in one of the forms that let them shine the most: with shaved ice. These elevated shaved ice selections include a lot of refreshing ingredients and inventive combinations you’ll find yourself coming back for. Highlights include the palm sugar and caramelised soybean combo, as well as the yoghurt, cream, and persimmons.

You can find more information at Saisai.

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Image credit: Kope Hya Tai Kee/Facebook

Kope Hya Tai Kee

300 metres away

Kope Hya Tai Kee is a place of history. First opened in 1952, their menu is filled with over 200 dishes that the members of Hya Tai Kee family found, enjoyed, and perfected. As such, the menu is made up of pieces of memories, something each Thai person can resonate from their time growing up. While there’s too many to recommend, their pan-fried egg is forever a classic, as well as their classic coffee selections.

You can find more information at Kope Hya Tai Kee.

Image credit: Mont Nomsod/Facebook

Mont Nomsod

500 metres away

Since 1964, our homegirl Mont has been serving nomsod (fresh milk) for patrons in the old town area. Coupled with their wide array of toast and custard combinations, it’s a great dessert destination and a nice place to sit and escape all the hot and dry weather in Bangkok. A simple toast with butter and sugar is also a lovely choice for those who don’t want any mess.

You can find more information at Mont Nomsod.

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