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The place within the World Is Kate Middleton? We Have Some Concepts

The place within the World Is Kate Middleton? We Have Some Concepts

The rumours and controversy surrounding the Princess of Wales continue but we have a few ideas as to where Kate Middleton actually may be. 

It’s hard to believe that this whole thing started because of a simple Mother’s Day photo. Sure, it may have been edited but everyone edits their photos nowadays. But now everyone is concerned about Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, especially after her surgery. Well, “concern” is arguable; people may just like gossip. Even after she made an appearance with Prince William as the two went grocery shopping, there are conspiracy theorists who claim that wasn’t her at all.

So where in the world is Kate Middleton really? What has happened to her? Are there stranger things afoot? We have a few suggestions. 

25 explanations as to where Kate Middleton really is and what she’s doing

Image credit: The Royal Family FB
  1. ​​She discovered she had a twin and switched places with her so she’s now living a quiet life as a baker and falling in love with the local lumberjack
  2. She’s currently wrangling the sandworms on Arrakis 
  3. She’s Pete Davidson’s new girlfriend and they’re hanging out in New Jersey
  4. She’s been thrown into a cave as a sacrifice and now has to fight a dragon
  5. She’s been stuck in her room for weeks spreading democracy in Helldivers 2
  6. She’s busy knitting
  7. She went to Barbieland because it’s better there than being in Windsor (or anywhere with the Royal Family)
  8. She’s run away to the US and will emerge later as the general manager for Meghan Markle’s American Riviera Orchard under the name “Cathy Beginningpound”
  9. She’s been stuck in the Tube this whole time
  10. She’s formed a burgeoning relationship with a stranger over Gmail and is now going to meet her mystery man in Central Park 
  11. Or she’s formed a one-sided burgeoning relationship with a stranger who she heard on the radio and is now going to meet him on top of the Empire State Building
  12. She’s actually been a ghost all along and we’re all just able to see dead people
  13. She was recalled to Themyscira to defend it from Darkseid
  14. She’s off to destroy the Red Room and liberate other Black Widows
  15. She had a secret cameo in Madame Webb and is now hiding in shame (she was the spider Dakota Johnson’s mom was researching right before she died)
  16. She’s actually Sydney Sweeney and has now decided to live the glam Hollywood life instead of the drab royal life
  17. She just watched the last season of The Crown and is now hunting down Peter Morgan
  18. She’s stuck and broke in Schitt’s Creek
  19. She was actually a 13-year-old girl who wished she was a princess but has now learned her lesson and realised she’s in love with Mark Ruffalo so she wished herself back to being 13
  20. She’s actually the one who’s been chosen as the next James Bond and is filming right now
  21. She’s helping Taylor prep for the next leg of the Eras tour
  22. She’s helping Travis prep for the next Superbowl
  23. She’s raiding tombs, has found Atlantis, and is going to break into Area 51
  24. Or she’s just hiding in Area 51
  25. She’s been busy taking Photoshop classes 

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok.

(Main and featured images: The Royal Family/Instagram)

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