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The right way to Take the Cosmos Persona Take a look at That’s All Over Instagram Tales

The right way to Take the Cosmos Persona Take a look at That’s All Over Instagram Tales

On the heels of the recent ‘What Cake R U?’ quiz and last year’s popular innate personality traits test by Taiwan Design Expo, a new viral quiz is now making its rounds on social media. The new Cosmos Persona quiz is inspired by its predecessors and the 16 MBTI personality types, and yes, its test results are perfect for sharing on Instagram Stories.

Designed by artist Izon Falzo and released just three days ago, its premise is simple, with 12 questions chronicling a whimsical bus ride that winds up in space, with cats, a robot, and a giant vacuum cleaner (yes, you read that right) making appearances. At the end of the quiz, users are presented with results based on cosmic elements.

How to take the Cosmos Persona test that’s going viral on Instagram Stories

  1. You can find the Cosmos Persona quiz here. Hit the start button to begin your intergalactic quest, which is peppered with adorable animated graphics every step of the way.

    cosmos persona test quiz
    The start page of the Cosmos Persona quiz.

  2.  Your journey starts off with a bus ride, presumably from work, and you’re asked about what’s on your mind. “I’m just so tired and can’t wait to go home” seems like the natural option to us, if we have to be honest.

    cosmos persona test quiz
    What’s on your mind during that long, dreary bus ride home?

  3. For the sake of keeping your Cosmos Persona test experience spoiler-free, we won’t reveal too much about what happens next. But you can expect your mundane journey to quickly take a bizarre turn, with floating cats and a robot joining you on the adventure.

  4. After completing the final question, you’ll receive your results in the form of a report card stating your personality type, strengths, weaknesses and compatibility with others. Examples include “meteorite”, “dark matter” and “satellite”. We’re on the fence about the accuracy of the personality analysis, but this writer identifies quite strongly with the “meteorite” type — specifically its strength in dad jokes.

  5. If you’re wondering how your result corresponds to the MBTI personality types, Falzo has a useful graphic on his Instagram page for you to refer to. “Meteorite” is described as INTP, while “dark matter” is INFP and “satellite” is ESTJ.


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Intrigued? Try the Cosmos Persona quiz here now, and don’t forget to share your test results with your friends on Instagram Stories.

(Featured image: Izon Falzo/ Instagram; All other images: Cosmos Persona)

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