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The Voice That Charmed The World: Yvonne Spark, Milan’s Funky Pop Jazz Phenomenon

The Voice That Charmed The World: Yvonne Spark, Milan’s Funky Pop Jazz Phenomenon

Meet Yvonne Spark, Milan’s enchanting vocal sensation, based in middle east and France, who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her unique blend of funky jazz, pop jazz, and soul, singing in English, Italian, French, German and bit of Arabic. This Italian diva’s rise to fame began serendipitously during the Cannes Film Festival, where an impromptu performance led to instant acclaim and recognition.

In 2017, a chance encounter with a renowned composer encouraged her to pursue a career in singing. The same year, she made waves as a Rita Hayworth lookalike during Milan Fashion Week, catapulting her into the limelight. Since then, Yvonne has graced the stages of prestigious openings and fashion weeks, collaborating with high-profile artists and musicians such as Papik, Maestro Vince Tempera, Bill Henry Orkestra, Dario Cantelmo, and Barry Kirsch. These extraordinary collaborations have helped her influence and talent flourish on the global stage.

Yvonne’s vocal journey began at just five years old during a school play in Italy, where her mesmerizing performance left her teacher and classmates spellbound. Despite her parents’ conservative views and initial opposition to a singing career, Yvonne’s gift could not be contained.

Our musical prodigy went on to earn a Doctorate degree in Economy and International Politics,  from the prestigious Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Milan. She has also achieved an honorary degree in Social Psychology from a private Swiss University. But her love for music never waned, and she soon returned to singing, enchanting audiences at elite gatherings and events.

Lavish Life Magazine caught up with Yvonne to get the inside scoop on her latest projects and upcoming performances. She revealed that a music video for her song “Pink Rose Tatto (Remake)” is in the works, with Yvonne penning  the lyrics herself with the music of international composer Vince Tempera . The creative process has been an exciting and intriguing experience for the songwriter , she had signed with SAAR records which is known to be one of the most reputable record labels . Yvonne proudly mentioned that SAAR records will be the distributor of her new single and for her next upcoming programmed issues on their Youtube channel . The single will be launched  on April 21st 2023.

Yvonne has big plans on the horizon, including producing a show with an internationally renowned dancer and signing for an intriguing role in an Italian musical. We can’t wait to see her shine even brighter in the world of entertainment!

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When it comes to her live performances, Yvonne’s diverse range is truly impressive. From Tiffany Fashion Week Paris to star-studded TikToker events, she skillfully covers a variety of musical styles and vibes. Her upcoming appearances include the Milan Design Week, Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, Monaco Yachting Show, and various jazz film festivals in exotic locations. Fans eager to keep up with Yvonne’s upcoming events can find all the details on her

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