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The way to Take the Viral ‘What Cake R U’ Persona Quiz

The way to Take the Viral ‘What Cake R U’ Persona Quiz

The new What Cake R U quiz by CakeResume that is going viral on Instagram is one of the cutest ways of finding out your work personality. Here, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about this CakeResume quiz, and how to take it.

One’s professional life can be like a box of chocolates. As the analogy made popular by Forrest Gump suggests, you never quite know what you’re going to get out of it. But Instagram’s latest new trend is attempting to bridge the gap between finding the right job for the right personalities, by way of the CakeResume ‘What Cake R U’ quiz.

Following in the footsteps of the incredibly popular Taiwan Design Expo personality test that similarly took Instagram by storm the year before, this new entrant has already seen an uptick in popularity among the social media set with its endearing pixel-art graphics that are evocative of video games from childhoods past.

Everything to know about the CakeResume ‘What Cake R U’ career quiz viral on Instagram

Developed by the Taiwanese recruitment firm CakeResume, the premise of the aptly named ‘What Cake R U?’ personality test is relatively simple. By offering tech-savvy and social media-inclined individuals a means to better understand their working preferences, the company hopes to align a new generation of employees with organisations offering prospects that best suit their interests and goals.

The What Cake R U personality test is free to use and can be accessed directly from the company’s website. Optimised for smartphone screens, you will immediately be prompted to start the test and embark upon a journey through ‘Job Hunting Village’, where you will encounter a series of twelve different questions.

How to take the What Cake R U personality quiz

Playing out like traditional top-down roleplaying games, you will have to answer a series of questions that will help determine your at-work personality. These range from day-to-day quandaries such as how you set up your CV, how you approach problems in the workplace, and your willingness to work collaboratively in a professional setting, to more far-flung ambitions such as your career expectations.

the home screen of the cakeresume what cake r u career quiz
Image credit: CakeResume

By the end of the test, you will be presented with a full report that identifies what kind of a ‘cake’ you are based on your responses, which includes the likes of macaroons, traditional Indonesian layered cakes, strawberry shortcakes, and other endearing sweet bites.

a question from the cakeresume what cake r u career quiz asking the user how they feel about new prospects
Image credit: CakeResume
a question from the cakeresume what cake r u career quiz asking the user how they should approach a work problem
Image credit: CakeResume

Each ‘cake’ corresponds to a specific collection of work values, beliefs, and behaviours, allowing participants to understand their strengths and weaknesses, while providing suggestions as to which direction they should pursue their careers next.

a personality test result from the cakeresume what cake r u test
Image credit: CakeResume

Better still, you can even take these findings and use them in your search for an internship placement, if you happen to be looking for one, on CakeResume’s virtual internship fair event, which is also accessible on the site.

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Which begs the question: what cake are you?

(Feature and main image: CakeResume)

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