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The World’s Most Distant Golf Course and Others That Are Definitely worth the Journey

The World’s Most Distant Golf Course and Others That Are Definitely worth the Journey

The joy of watching a well-executed golf shot can grip the heart in a unique way that only those who love the game will understand. Further adding to the experience is a player’s urge to replicate a good round across terrains and geographical boundaries — a visceral need for those able and willing to search out destinations that are rare and challenging. To feed the golfer’s soul, we look at the world’s most remote golf course, as well as others that are worth the journey into the unknown.

Our list of some of the remotest golf courses on the globe certainly isn’t for the average golfer. This is especially true considering travel to one of the venues takes six days on a small boat, with the port on site only able to accommodate tiny vessels. Still, these remote locations are the perfect balm for adrenaline junkies who have been bitten by the golf bug and are driven by the desire to test themselves in different challenges.

The most remote golf course in the world, plus others worth the journey

Lofoten Links, Gimsoysand, Norway

Often referred as the ‘Caribbean of the Arctic’ and located on the historic island of Gimsoya, this Norwegian course is unlike any other. Lofoten Links is a world-class golf course nestled amid rough topography that is complemented by its wild and idyllic surroundings. With its classic links-style layout, Lofoten Links presents nature at its best. From August to October, golfers get to play under the splendor of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

From late May to late August, golfers from abroad can experience endless sunlight, as the sun does not set in this period. Because of this, Lofoten Links can boast to be one of the few golf courses in the world where golfers can try the course under the shining midnight sun.

The 6,662-yard par-71 course offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, ocean, and neighboring islands. On multiple holes, the sea serves as a water hazard, and sandy beaches, coves, and granite rocks serve as natural bunkers and obstacles. Playing golf in such a historic and isolated location is an unforgettable experience, especially for those seeking the pure thrill of adventure.

Tristan da Cunha Golf Club, Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic

A golf course that can claim to be one of the most remote in the world, the Tristan da Cunha Golf Club is located in the South Atlantic, on the island of Tristan da Cunha. The most difficult aspect of playing on this volcanic area of land is getting there. Not easily accessible, this location is about midway between Argentina and South Africa, has no airport, and can only accommodate the tiniest of boats in its port.

From Cape Town, the journey takes an exhausting six days, with very few cruise liner options available. Thankfully, the perks are in ample supply, ready to greet the intrepid explorer as they finally arrive at the world’s most remote inhabited island; the challenges encountered are equally abundant. Upon arrival, guests can experience a peculiar round of golf, unspoiled nature, and old-fashioned hospitality.

The golf club was founded in 1977 and is home to a 9-hole, par-35 course with compacted volcanic sand bunkers which lack water hazards. Cows and chickens who frequently chase golf balls are among the biggest hazards on this course! The grass is kept short by ravenous island cattle, so there are no greens. The scorecard does include a map, and players receive a golf certificate for having played the course.

Uummannaq Golf Club, Greenland

most remote golf course in the world
(Image: Greenland-Guide)

Located around 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the Uummannaq Golf Course is regarded as the northernmost golf course in the world. In addition to that, the Greenland course is the proud host of the World Ice Golf Championship. Due to the whims of the environment and the formation of ice, visitors can expect a dynamic landscape that is always changing, with new challenges to be uncovered at every turn.

most remote golf course in the world
(Image: Greenland-Guide)

Every March, when the conditions are just right, the nine-hole course is set out across a field of fjords and icebergs. Golfers use coloured golf balls on ice that serves as the “green,” and they may scrape the surface to make the putting line smooth. They wear snow trousers and jackets instead of golf shirts and visors, with predominantly orange balls used in the place of white ones so that they can be found more easily in the snow. Golfers from all over the world travel to the course to test their skills, braving the conditions for a chance to experience one of the most remote golf courses in the world.

Royal Thimphu Golf Course, Thimphu, Bhutan

One of the most elevated and remote golf courses in the world, the Royal Thimphu Golf Course is located among the stunning Himalayan Mountain range, at an altitude of 7,709 feet above sea level. The course is located just outside Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu, and sits majestically alongside the 17th-century Tashicho Dzong which is the official seat of government and home to the King‘s throne.

The golf course was founded in the 1970s by an army officer, and most of its members are diplomats and government officials. Aspiring golfers who want to experience a game of golf at the Augusta National Golf Course be warned: there is a long wait to get in even for the most renowned of golfers. To add to its exclusivity are Bhutan’s stringent tourist policies, which make access to the Royal Thimphu Course difficult. The nine-hole par-35 course includes two tee boxes on every hole, making it play more like an 18, with four of the course’s holes featuring green-side water hazards to allow for some challenge. The breathtaking course was later redesigned by American architect Ron Fream, and its exceptional grounds play host to the annual Bhutan Open.

Whalsay Golf Club, Skaw, Scotland

Located in the remote Shetland Islands of Scotland, this 18-hole, par-71 golf course is renowned for being the most northerly in the British Isles. It is situated at the northernmost point of the small island of Whalsay. The golf club is ringed by the North Sea on three sides, so getting there calls for either a plane or a ferry. The entire length of this moorland course is a rocky outcrop that faces the sea on both sides. Featuring breathtaking clifftop views and strong winds, players have the chance to witness their balls flying into muddy graves.

A stunning, distinctly Scottish backdrop, with its undulating fairways and sea-lined holes, presents a fitting challenge for intrepid golfers and adventurers alike. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, a plethora of fauna further adds to the experience, including seals, otters, seabirds, and, on rare occasions, even killer whales!

Cabot Links, Nova Scotia, Canada

As the only authentic links course in Canada, Cabot Links is a true bucket list destination for golfers seeking a remote yet world-class golf experience. There is never a more alluring setting for a golf course than a rocky, seaside linksland wreathed in fast greens. This particular locale hugs Cape Breton’s shoreline, resulting in an amazing golf course that is both thrilling to play as it is amazing to look at.

most remote golf course in the world
(Image: Explore Canada/Instagram)

The magnificent vistas of the ocean over the rough landscape are visible everywhere on the course. Although the course has strategic bunkering and unforgiving bushes that provide a challenge, its wide fairways make it playable for golfers of all skill levels. Given their excellent vantage spots, the finishing holes on this course are undoubtedly the most picturesque. However, this may not be the best golf club for golfers who want a mix of nightlife and other experiences; Cabot Links is all about golf, and only golf.

Himalayan Golf Course, Pokhara, Nepal

Situated in an incredibly stunning amphitheater, the 18-hole Himalayan Golf Course is located about 7 km from Pokhara’s downtown. The course is situated in a river canyon with a sweeping vista of the Annapurna Himalayan range. While first thoughts of Nepal often include wild basecamps and the snowy staging grounds for Everest treks, Pokhara presents a stark revision to the assumption.

Despite the high peaks that frame the horizon, the golf course is located only 2,600 feet above sea level, and the temperature is subtropical. The course sits roughly 30 minutes outside the town, and the surrounding area is beautiful and pastoral, with undulating greenery marking the breathtaking landscape. Golfers of all ability levels are eased into the round by the modest outset of the Himalayan course. The 6,900-yard championship course incorporates elements of Scottish influence, including split fairways, fairway mounding, the utilisation of natural landforms, and more.

Laucala Island, Fiji

The privately-owned island of Laucala is flanked by sandy white beaches and abundant coral reefs, spanning 12 square kilometers of densely forested terrain. Private aircrafts are the only means of transportation to the island, making it a golf course that is remote, but well worth the journey.

most remote golf course in the world
(Image: Como Hotels)

Located within the opulent Laucala Resort, the golf course is exclusively accessible to resort visitors. Situated in a sensitive ecological zone, this 18-hole championship course, which was designed by David McLay Kidd, is not just one of the world’s most remote golf courses; it is also one of the most beautiful. The course meanders through a landscape formed by volcanic eruptions, occasionally surfacing to cling to the precipitous faces of cliffs plunging into the Pacific. The well-planned par-72 layout is meticulously blended into jungle-clad hills and former coconut plantation site, featuring strategic bunkers, challenging greens, and undulating fairways.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– How many golfers can play a course in a day?

An 18-hole course may accommodate up to 300 players per day, depending on daylight hours.

– How many golf courses has Tiger Design laid out?

Tiger Woods owns TGR Design, a renowned golf course design company that has worked on roughly nine golf courses around the world.

– How do I choose a golf course?

The course you choose can make or break your game. Taking into account your skill level, it is wise to select a course that is close by, as you don’t want to drive for hours just to play a round. Research the course’s upkeep and condition, as well as affordability if that is a consideration. Lastly, read online reviews of the course before making your decision.

– How many golf courses are there worldwide?

There are over 38,864 golf courses worldwide, spread among 206 of the 251 countries in the world.

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