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There’s A New Netflix Present About A Woman Who Turns Into A Rooster Nugget

There’s A New Netflix Present About A Woman Who Turns Into A Rooster Nugget

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No, seriously. An upcoming Netflix Korean comedy series tells the tale of a girl who gets transformed into a crispy chicken nugget.

If you’re a fan of Korean shows then you’re well aware of just how talented they are in storytelling. From breath-stealing love stories to historical dramas—even historical dramas with zombies—there’s a lot of variety when it comes to Korean series. 

Netflix just unveiled a teaser for a brand new show. A new Korean Netflix series is not surprising, but is it a riveting love story or a political thriller? Is it another historical show rife with drama and intrigue?

Well, not quite. This new show is about a girl who gets transformed into a chicken nugget.

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The new Netflix show Chicken Nugget is about a girl who becomes a literal snack

From director Lee Byeong-heon comes the aptly-named series Chicken Nugget, a brand new Korean show with a very straightforward and outlandish plot. The less-than-a-minute trailer gives us a gist of the ridiculousness we can expect from the show: a girl named Min-ah decides, for some insane reason, to enter a mysterious purple cabinet and pushes an equally mysterious button (wasn’t she ever taught not to just press anything?). This results in her transformation into a chicken nugget. Chaos and hilarity ensue, and as the description on the YouTube video so punnily states, “The plot ‘chickens’”.

There isn’t much we know about the series. It’s releasing very soon on March 15th and stars Ryu Seung-ryong as Min-ah’s father and Ahn Jae-hong as an intern who both go on a quest of trying to return Min-ah into her non-nugget form. Jung Ho-yeon from Squid Game will also be in the show.

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If you’re in the mood for something absurd or are just a big fan of these crispy delights, tune into Netflix when Chicken Nugget drops on the streaming service this March 15. 

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