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This 2010 Tesla Roadster Solely Has 38 Miles on It, and It’s Up for Grabs

This 2010 Tesla Roadster Solely Has 38 Miles on It, and It’s Up for Grabs

The original Tesla Roadster may be well over a decade old at this point, but you can still find one that’s barely been touched.

A white 2010 example with just 38 miles on it is being auctioned off by Gruber Motors in Arizona, according to the Drive. The example is as close to new as you can get, and, technically, hasn’t even used up a full battery charge yet.

The original Roadster dates back to the days when Tesla was a curious upstart and not the world’s preeminent EV maker. The company’s debut model is basically a re-bodied Lotus Elise that had its ICE powertrain torn out and replaced with a completely electric setup. The sports car was in production from 2008 to 2012, and earned its fair share of fans, but at this point, it’s probably most famous for having been the first production car launched into space.

2010 Tesla Roadster

Gruber Motor

The Arctic White example up for auction may not be able to compete with today’s Teslas, but it still has plenty of pep. Its single-motor powertrain can produce 288 hp, enough to allow it to slingshot from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. The car’s biggest selling point, though, is that it only has 38 miles on the odometer. Tesla used to drive each EV for 30 miles after it rolled off the line, so it’s not much more than that. Thanks to its 53-kWh battery pack, the car has a range of 244 miles. Despite having not even come close to using that all up, the Roadster will need a charge after having spent more than a decade parked.

Gruber Motors has not said how long the auction will run, but one can only assume it will be open until bidding reaches whatever number the owner has in mind. As of press time, it had reached $105,000. Considering that other low-mileage examples have been able to command as much as $250,000, you can expect that number to climb.

Inside the 2010 Tesla Roadster

Gruber Motor

Regardless, this is the best chance to buy a “new” Roadster for the foreseeable future. The model’s second generation has been in a state of perpetual delay since it was announced back in 2018, and shows no signs of going on sale anytime soon.

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The 38-Mile 2010 Tesla Roadster in Photos

Gruber Motor

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