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This Bonkers Electrical Jet Ski Is Like a Bike on the Excessive Seas

This Bonkers Electrical Jet Ski Is Like a Bike on the Excessive Seas

Searider’s new personal watercraft are a high-octane cross between a motorbike and a Jet Ski.

The two vessels, which the Monaco-based start-up unveiled at boot Düsseldorf this week, feature sleek, lightweight bodies that allow them to soar across the high seas at impressive speeds. Both models are also fitted with electric powertrains that eliminate carbon emissions.

The first craft, fittingly christened the Searacer, cuts a streamlined silhouette with sharp, angular lines and a discreet, integrated powertrain. Tipping the scales at a scant 143 pounds, the “motorcycle of the seas” is the lightest PWC on the market, according to Searider. (For comparison’s sake, the next lightest model in the category, the 2024 Sea-Doo Spark, starts at 428 pounds.)

The Seacruiser.


Equipped with two jet drives capable of producing 45 hp, the Searacer can reportedly zip across the waves at speeds of up to 48 mph. The Spark has similar performance figures, with top speed ranging between 42 to 50 mph depending on the model. (The Supermarine MM01 is set to be the world’s fastest and most expensive Jet Ski, with a top speed of 75 mph and a price tag of $50,000.)

As for range, the Searacer is powered by a removable battery pack that allows for up to 50 minutes of ride time per charge. The batteries, which are located under the seat on the left and right side, can be easily removed and recharged, too.

If you want to spend even longer on the water, Searider’s second model promises more range still. The aptly named Seacruiser can dart about for 90 minutes before needing a charge. It isn’t as quick as the Searacer but can still churn out 30 hp for a respectable top speed of 34 mph. Inspired by vintage scooters, the Vespa-esque cruiser has a gorgeous curvy body that results in about 11 pounds of additional weight.

In terms of price, the Searacer and Seacruiser can be preordered for $30,325 (€27,950) and $24,750 (€22,800), respectively. The start-up is also planning to introduce a third model called the Seacross later this year. Perhaps that will be a mix between a crossover and a Jet Ski.

Source: Robb Report

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