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This Bonkers Electrical Scooter Comes With Tank Treads

This Bonkers Electrical Scooter Comes With Tank Treads

Here’s a scooter you can use on any type of terrain.

Custom Robotics is preparing to launch a rugged off-road e-scooter called the Panzer. The battery-powered vehicle is a stand-up mobility device just like the Segway except that it can roll over practically anything in its path thanks to a pair of tank treads.

Whereas the Segway was made to get around suburban housing communities and malls, the Custom Robotics scooter has been designed with the specific purpose of conquering the most challenging job site. The vehicle consists of a tall set of handlebars and a boxy base equipped with dual direct-direct drive motors powering a pair of fully suspended tracks. It’s nothing to look at, but we imagine anyone in the market for a Segway they can take off-road won’t mind that at all.

Custom Robotics Panzer

Custom Robotics

But what’s important about the Panzer isn’t what it looks like, but how it works. On that front, the company says to expect a scooter that can move around at speeds of up to 15 mph. That’s faster than the original Segway PT, which topped out at 12.5 mph. It’s also got its fair share of safety features, including a “Dual Grip” drive system that requires you to have both hands on the handlebar before moving, as well as a set of bright LED headlamps. Custom Robotics says you’ll also be able to get about an hour of sustained ride time on a single charge, which should do most users. The on-off switch also features a voltage reader so you don’t have to worry about getting stranded.

The Panzer may look rather simple right now, but Custom Robotis says attachments will allow you to customize the vehicle to your liking are on the way. These include a seat, tools, and storage compartments. The company also plans to offer replacement parts directly to customers that can be installed in just 10 minutes.

The Custom Robotics Panzer with the planned seat attachment

Custom Robotics

The Custom Robotics website makes clear that this is just the first version of the Panzer (it’s identified as the “v1” on the item page). The company is offering a special “pre-order” deal for anyone willing to take a chance on the earliest iteration. The scooter is available for now $9,999, which is a $5,000 discount on its usual $14,999 price.

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