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This Elegant 28-Foot Electrical Yacht Will Cruise Round a Distant Island in Maine

This Elegant 28-Foot Electrical Yacht Will Cruise Round a Distant Island in Maine

Stephens Waring Design is making one seafarer’s marine dreams come true.

The U.S. studio has designed a custom electric runabout for a client looking to elevate their commute. Christened Isobel, the 28-footer will be based at the owner’s vacation home on a remote island in Maine. It will be primarily used to carry passengers two miles from the home dock to the mainland but is outfitted for fun, too.

“The client envisioned a mode of transport that reflected the serenity of the pristine lake environment, but with plenty of utility, performance, and reliability—essential for operating far from any marina or fuel dock,” the studio said in a statement.

Isobel features lightweight wood-composite construction.

Stephens Waring Design

As the owner disliked the noise, exhaust, and appearance of traditional diesel-powered engines, the team decided to give Isobel a 40kW (54 hp) electric motor from RAD Propulsion in the U.K. The near-silent outboard is hidden under a lifting cowl at the stern, eliminating the need for noisy ventilation. With only the lower unit swiveling for steering, the boat retains a clean, uncluttered profile.

Isobel is also equipped with a 55kWh battery power pack from Fellten in the U.K. At full power, the system affords a range of 25 miles or approximately one hour of all-out cruising. This equates to six roundtrips to the mainland at top speed. (Isobel can hit about 22 knots at full tilt.) It is also fast enough for the occasional tubing and waterskiing. When traveling at a more leisurely speed of 12 to 15 knots, the range is doubled, though. The battery supports fast charging, too, meaning it can jump from 20 to 80 percent full in less than an hour. 

Stephens Waring Design Isobel Electric Yacht

The yacht’s low sheer enables comfortable boarding.

Stephens Waring Design

As weight is the enemy of speed and range, Isobel showcases a lightweight wood-composite construction. (Cedar strips sheathed in fiberglass for the hull and a plywood/foam/plywood sandwich for the deck and cockpit.) All up, her displacement sits at around 1.4 tons.

Performance aside, Isobel is a real stunner. Inspired by classic, 1950s Rivas, the yacht features mid-century modern styling with sleek lines and elegant curves. She also has a low sheer that enables comfortable boarding and a generous stern platform that provides easy ocean access. 

Perhaps best of all, Isobel will glide gracefully around Maine without any noise or emissions. A marine dream, indeed.

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Construction is currently underway at the Belmont Boatyard in Maine, with Isobel expected to hit the seas sometime this year.

Source: Robb Report

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