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This Extremely-Uncommon Lamborghini Sían Roadster Might Be Yours for $4.6 Million

This Extremely-Uncommon Lamborghini Sían Roadster Might Be Yours for $4.6 Million

Here’s a second chance to own one of the rarest Lamborghinis of the last decade. You just might have to go to Dubai to pick it up.

UAE-based F1rst Motors has a 2021 Sían Roadster currently listed for sale on its website. Only 19 examples were ever built, which might explain why the dealership is asking for more than the open-top supercar’s original $3.7 million sticker price.

The Lamborghini Revuelto may be Lamborghini’s first series-production hybrid, but it’s not the marque’s first electrified supercar. That distinction belongs to the Sían FKP 37, which shares its name with the Bolognese word for a flash of lightning and was unveiled in the summer of 2019. The limited-run vehicle featured an aggressively sharp-edged design with a forward-thinking powertrain that paired monstrously powerful V-12 from the Aventador SVJ with an electric motor that gets its juice from an ultra-light supercapacitator. The production run of 63 coupés sold out before the car’s unveiling, so the automaker decided to build 19 additional roadster variants, which disappeared just as fast.

Inside the Lamborghini Sían Roadster

F1rst Motors

This Sían Roadster’s sculpted, Countach LP400-inspired body is finished in gloss black, broken up only by exposed carbon fiber and gold accents. The color scheme carries over to the interior, which has two black leather seats with gold ventilation outlets. As striking as the vehicle may look, the big selling point here is its powertrain. The 6.5-liter V-12 produces 785 hp, while the 48-volt electric motor kicks in an additional 34 hp, for a combined output of 819 horses. That’s enough oomph to launch the car from zero to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 217 mph. The dealer’s listing claims the car has zero miles on the odometer, which strikes us as rather implausible, but that suggests it’s barely been touched in the two years since it left the factory.

A rear 3/4 view of the Lamborghini Sían Roadster

F1rst Motors

F1rst Motors is asking 17 million United Emirates Dirham for the Sían Roadster, which works out to around $4.6 million. That is nearly $1 million more than the car’s original sticker price. That’s quite the premium, but it’s a downright bargain compared to the Mercedes-AMG One the dealership is currently selling. It’s priced at $5.45 million, which is more than double the $2.7 million that the still-in-production German hypercar originally cost.

Click here for more photos of the Lamborghini Sían Roadster.

F1rst Motors

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