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This Ferrari Has a High Pace of 15 MPH. It Might Fetch $1 Million at Public sale.

This Ferrari Has a High Pace of 15 MPH. It Might Fetch $1 Million at Public sale.

One of the most alluring traits of any Ferrari is that since the beginning they’ve been built to go fast. Strangely, that’s not the case for one currently up for auction, but that hasn’t stopped it from drawing plenty of interest.

A prototype used to develop the F12tdf is currently up for bid on Bring a Trailer. The vehicle may look like a Prancing Horse, but it’s only capable of reaching a top speed of 15 mph. Yes, 15 mph.

The car up for auction started out as a F12 Berlinetta modified for use as a test mule for an exclusive, track-focused version of the F12 (the tdf stands for Tour de France). As such, it’s got a 6.3-liter V-12, a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic that routes power to the rear axle, and a limited-slip differential. That mill is pretty powerful—in standard the F12 Berlinetta it produced 730 horses—but was detuned once development was done, which is why its top speed is limited to just 15 mph.

Ferrari F12tdf Prototype

Bring a Trailer

Because it’s a prototype, the car lacks some of the refinement one expects from Ferrari. It’s still an attractive car, though, with a gloss black finish topped with white vinyl roundels on the hood and doors and a Pirelli graphic across the top of the windshield and back of the vehicle. The cabin is almost identical to the F12 Berlinetta down to the carbon-fiber trim and leather steering wheel but does feature a makeshift panel on the center console with kill switches. It also features a “Vehicle Not Street Legal” notice affixed to its frame.

That’s right, this prototype, like so many of its peers, isn’t legal to drive on the road. The car’s digital odometer shows 20,000 miles, almost all of which were totaled during its time as a test mule. The car was imported to the U.S. after the F12tdf went into production and has been used by its current owner, a dealership in Costa Mesa, California, as a display car since it was acquired in 2022. There is a possibility that its next owner could retune the powertrain, according to The Drive. But even if they can unlock the car’s former potential the car would be limited to a track day action.

Inside the Ferrari F12tdf Prototype

Inside the prototype

Bring a Trailer

The F12tdf prototype may only go 15 mph and be illegal on public roads, but bidding has managed to reach $450,000 as of press time. And with two days left in the auction, that number could very well climb. Whether or not it does, the car, despite requiring some serious work, could still be a bargain for anyone looking for an F12tdf. Two previous examples of the car sold for over $1 million on Bring a Trailer, with the most recent fetching $960,000.

Click here for more photos of the Ferrari F12tdf prototype.

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