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This Huge New Electrical Bike Has a Vary of 450 Miles

This Huge New Electrical Bike Has a Vary of 450 Miles

Here’s one electric motorcycle you can feel confident about taking on a road trip.

Thai brand Felo unveiled a monstrous touring bike called the Tooz at this year’s Bangkok International Motor Show, according to New Atlas. The gigantic two-wheeler is stuffed with high-tech features, but the most impressive—by a long shot—is its claimed 450-mile range.

Full specs—including its likely sky-high weight—haven’t been announced yet, but pictures from the convention floor make clear that the Tooz is a behemoth. But the bike’s range promises to be just as gargantuan. Felo, which is owned by Smartech Motors, says riders can expect to travel 720 km (just shy of 450 miles) on a single charge.

Felo Tooz


It’s unclear if this is a city or combined (meaning city and highway) range, but either way that’s still a longer range than any other electric two-wheeler on the market right now. That title currently belongs to the Evoke 6061-GT which has a city range of 410 miles and a combined range of 308 miles, according to Top Speed. One thing that is clear is that if riders spend too much time near the speed of 125 mph, the range will dip dramatically. It is a touring motorcycle after all, not a race bike.

The Tooz’s range should be more than enough for a day of riding, but on the off chance it isn’t, the bike’s charging capabilities should more than suffice. The e-motorcycle supports Type2 charging allowing riders to fill the battery from 20 to 80 percent in just 20 minutes, according to Felo. We hear these kinds of figures quoted all the time, which has robbed them of some of their impact, but if riders can add anywhere near 270 miles of range with a 20-minute charge that’s impressive. The bike will also have V2L technology that will allow you to use it to power your home if need be.

The Felo Tooz's cockpit

The Tooz’s cockpit has a 12-inch screen


The bike’s size and range are clearly its main selling points, its tech-packed cockpit is also pretty eye-catching. The Tooz comes with an infotainment system that includes a large 12-inch display that you can use to monitor the bike (including tire pressure), navigate, and make entertainment choices. There’s also a built-in six-channel surround sound system as well as smartphone connectivity.

The Tooz is being positioned as a glimpse at Felo’s future, meaning it’s a concept. It does seem like the company wants to put the bike, or something like it, into production eventually. It’s unclear how much it will cost, but one assumes it will be priced much higher than the brand’s current models, the FW-03 and FW-06, which start at $2,600 and $4,200 respectively.

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