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This is Methods to Play Instagram’s Secret Emoji Recreation

This is Methods to Play Instagram’s Secret Emoji Recreation

The internet has been set abuzz by the recent discovery of a hidden emoji game on Instagram. Here’s how to play it.

Instagram has a secret game in your ‘direct messages’ and, only an emoji can unlock it. Yes, the application has quietly inserted an emoji-based game within the direct messaging feature.

The Instagram secret game involves controlling a paddle to keep the emoji afloat. It’s like a vertical solo game of Pong or Breakout for arcades, where you earn points for successful bounces.

How to play the hidden Instagram DM game?

To play the game, you should open a message and send any single emoji to a user or go back to a single emoji sent by a user. As you select and hold the emoji message, Instagram will transport you to the game interface.

As you are redirected onto a screen with a blank yellow backdrop, you will notice your emoji floating in the centre. The idea is to prevent your emoji from falling off the screen in the pong-like game. Use your finger to slide a platform from which the emoji can continue to bounce. As you progress through the game, the emoji will move faster.

The longer you keep your emoji afloat, the faster it bounces and the more challenging it becomes to earn points and change backdrops along the way.

Instagram hidden game
(Image: Instagram)

The game is available to both iOS and Android users

Once you redeem 10 points, your emoji will evolve into a surprise new emoji. For example, if you start with a ‘potato’ emoji, it will become French fries. Please note that once you leave the game, you’ll have to start afresh again (both Android and iOS users). However, Instagram will save your high scores and you will see it, no matter where you initiate a game.

Instagram users have been raving about the discovery in a Reddit thread. Many users also boasted about their high scores.

One user wrote: “It just happened to me too! I suppose that it is an update.”

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Another wrote: “Just happened to me!! So cool!”

(Main image credit: @unicode/ Twitter)

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