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This New 17-Foot Electrical Day Boat Is Absolutely Recyclable

This New 17-Foot Electrical Day Boat Is Absolutely Recyclable

One man’s marine trash could soon become another’s treasure.

Vision Marine Technologies, the Canadian outfit known for building punchy electric outboards, just unveiled a fully recyclable runabout at the Miami International Boat Show.

Christened the Phantom, the electric day boat spans just under 17 feet and is crafted from a polyethylene plastic that renders it recyclable up to nine times over. On top of that, the newcomer is equipped with an electric propulsion system that enables quiet, emissions-free cruising.

The electric runabout can cruise for five hours on a single charge.

Vision Marine Technologies

The thick rotomolded plastic hull is “indestructible,” according to Vision. (It comes with a lifetime warranty, in fact.) It is also lightweight, with the Phantom tipping the scales at just 800 pounds. As a result, the boat offers greater speed, efficiency, and range than heavier competitors. Vision says the hardwearing plastic requires less maintenance than other materials, too.

The Phantom is available in three variants: without a motor ($14,995), with standard electric motors ($24,995), and with beefier electric motors that increase the range ($29,995). The standard model can cruise for approximately five hours per charge, while the range-topper can cruise for 10. The boat could also be equipped with a conventional ICE outboard if you prefer gas.

Vision Phantom Boat

The Phantom can be purchased with or without electric motors.

Vision Marine Technologies

The Phantom is a far cry from a luxury yacht, with a simple, utilitarian design. Flashy amenities have also been eschewed in favor of basic bench seating and a single captain’s chair. Seafarers can add a little pizzaz with the color, though: The boat is available in five hues, including blue, red, orange, gray, and white.

With a beam of roughly seven feet, the Phantom is large enough that it can comfortably accommodate up to 10 seafarers. As such, the vessel is well-suited to a range of activities, from fishing adventures to joyrides.

Vision says that it will be able to build up to 300 units per year, though could scale up to 1,500 hulls in the future. It estimates that the production run will cost 70 percent less than an equivalent fleet of fiberglass boats. Vision has already reeled in a few buyers, too, with Nautical Ventures Marine Group placing an initial order of 50 Phantoms before MIBS.

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You can order your Phantom now with a $500 refundable deposit.

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