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This New 23-Foot Electrical Wakeboat Can Churn Out an Spectacular 570 Horses

This New 23-Foot Electrical Wakeboat Can Churn Out an Spectacular 570 Horses

Arc is leveling up its fleet.

The L.A. start-up just unveiled what it claims is the most advanced wakeboat on the water. Aptly christened the Arc Sport, the new 23-footer is the sportier and speedier successor to the Arc One model that was unveiled in 2021. The newcomer combines aerospace engineering, EV technology, and innovative software for unprecedented performance, according to Arc.

For the unversed, wakeboats are designed specifically for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The vessels typically have inboard engines positioned toward the rear to keep the weight at the back and a special ballast that increases wake. Arc says most of today’s premium wakeboats rely on outdated tech, whereas the new Sport is at the bleeding edge of engineering. It is also faster, smarter, more reliable, easier to use, and cheaper to operate than its gas-powered rivals, according to the L.A. outfit.

The Arc Sport packs a gutsy 570 hp electric motor.


Featuring a sleek fiberglass hull, the newcomer is equipped with an integrated 226 kWh battery that delivers enough clean, green power for “all-day adventure.” (Arc didn’t give an exact runtime, but the Arc One can cruise for about five hours per charge.) It also packs an electric motor capable of quietly producing 570 hp and more than double the torque of most premium wakeboats, according to the brand, with an estimated top speed of 40 mph (software limited).

A true wakeboat, the Sport is fitted with a computer-controlled water ballast that creates perfect waves for surfers. (For comparison’s sake, the dry weight is 6,900 pounds and the ballasted weight is 9,000.) There are also three surf tabs that you can adjust to make the wave taller or shorter. In addition, the boat is equipped with a hardtop tower that can be automatically retracted to create a tow point or shelter from the elements. It also sports bow and stern thrusters that make docking a breeze.

Arc Sport Electric Wakeboat

You can plug in after a full day’s ride and charge the boat overnight.


With a beam of just over eight feet, the Sport can comfortably accommodate up to 15 seafarers. The helm features two modern displays that allow you to view video recaps and stats or blast music through the JL Audio speakers, for instance. The in-house software also regularly receives over-the-air updates to ensure it performs at its best.

The best part is it won’t be too long before we see the Sport on the seas. Arc says the first development unit is already ripping across the water at top speed, with production models scheduled for delivery this year. The Sport starts at $258,000 a pop and you can reserve one with a $500 deposit.

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