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This New Design Development, Bookshelf Wealth, is About Extra Than Simply Design

This New Design Development, Bookshelf Wealth, is About Extra Than Simply Design

Although TikTok generates new lifestyle trends everyday, we’ll have to say this one is our favourite. Bookshelf wealth is the newest design buzzword to welcome the year 2024.

While the name may remind you of the stealth wealth trend that conquered most of the fashion and design chronicles in 2023, the concept of bookshelf wealth is quite the complete opposite. Bookshelf wealth is a curation of everything on the shelf, whether it’s books, art pieces, or decorative objects.

However, the purpose of stealth wealth is not to show off your display, but rather showcase a collection of things that are meaningful and true to you. The key here is authenticity, so it’s meant to include books that you read, art pieces that you adore, photographs, ceramics, and objects of your hobbies and interests. As rich as it might sound, the outcome is supposed to lean more on the maximalist side.

“Bookshelf wealth is about authenticity and not so much about styling to create a specific look,” says artist and designer Justina Blakeney. After all, it’s where all your collected items are placed, perhaps even prompting you to take a “shelfie.”

A Closer Look at Bookshelf Wealth, The Interior Design Trend to Watch in 2024

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Whilst everyone’s individual bookshelf is going to be unique, there are some general suggestions that help. It would be certainly pleasing if the majority of the objects are books, stacked in various ways. Also, include paintings and photographs which can be hung beside the shelf, or placed on it. When it gets too bland, mix up colours and textures. Lastly, don’t worry too much about everything being coordinated under the same scheme, because the shelf should feel authentic rather than planned for display.

In 2024, if you’re ever going to adopt any trend from the internet at all, consider bookshelf wealth and explore your own meaningful objects.

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