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This New Extremely-Premium Tequila Is available in Beautiful Ceramic Decanters

This New Extremely-Premium Tequila Is available in Beautiful Ceramic Decanters

Tequila remains one of the fastest-growing spirits categories, particularly when it comes to the ultra-premium sector. Enter Casa Obsidiana, a new high-end brand from a French winemaker and members of the family behind Jose Cuervo that comes in beautiful ceramic decanters that are sure to become collector’s items.

Casa Obsidiana, which launched late last month, is a joint venture between winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset and Jorge and Roberto Beckmann Gonzalez, who run the Tierra de Agaves distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The brand has three expressions available—blanco, reposado, and anejo—all of which are aged in French oak wine barrels previously used to mature Napa Valley Chardonnay. And these ultra-premium tequilas come in stunning ceramic decanters inspired by the tequila-making process, each with an obsidian stone set into the bottle.

“We have always been inspired by the culture of tequila and of Mexico at large, from its ancient history
to its modern art,” said Boisset in a statement. “We have known Jorge and Roberto and their family for more than two decades and have always dreamt to create a tequila that united their family with ours. They bring the founding history of tequila, while we represent the heritage of wine and barrel-finishing. Together, we bring a distinctive, passionate and spiritual energy to the world of tequila that is distinctly ours and represents tradition and modernity.”

Casa Obsidiana is produced at Tierra de Agaves (NOM 1513), which is also the home of the less-expensive Beckmann Gonzalez brand Lunazul. A diffuser is not used in the production of the spirit, according to a rep for the brand. The agave is harvested from the Casas Blancas ranch, which is owned by the Beckmann Gonzalez family, and a 45-year-old proprietary yeast that is only used at this distillery is added during fermentation.

The Blanco (SRP $190) comes in a bottle that was inspired by the shape of the agave pina and is aged for 16 days in wine barrels. Per the official tasting notes, look for flavors like papaya, white flowers, vanilla, and allspice on the palate. The Reposado (SRP $250) is housed in a decanter inspired by the movement of water and is aged for four months to give it notes of baking spices, caramel, and earthy agave. Finally, the Anejo (SRP $330) has a bottle that’s said to be an homage to Mexican Cubism. It’s aged for 15 months to develop notes of butterscotch, cinnamon, raisin, and roasted agave. “I was excited to see the development of the tequila’s tasting notes after being aged in wine barrels,” said master tequilero Francisco Quijana in a statement. “The end result honors the traditions of tequila making while shining a light on what modern day Mexico has to offer.”

You can find all three Casa Obsidiana expressions available to purchase now from the brand’s website, or from other online retailers like Cask Cartel.

Source: Robb Report

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