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This Wine Preservation System Is the Greatest Reward for the Oenphiles in Your Life

This Wine Preservation System Is the Greatest Reward for the Oenphiles in Your Life

How many times have you skipped opening a great wine because you knew you weren’t going to finish the bottle? Coravin truly allows you to enjoy your wine on your terms: The Coravin wine preservation system lets you pour a glass of wine without pulling the cork; the displaced wine is replaced with neutral argon gas so that each glass tastes as good as the first. Use it once and you will wonder how you have gone this far without owning the ultimate wine lover’s tool. The Timeless Six’s brand new, limited edition muted grey color with silver accents is a fashionable addition to any dining table or wine cellar—even better is that right now you can get it for 40 percent off.

If all you want is a taste, a single glass, or one each for you and a friend, insert the needle through the foil and cork, gently pull the trigger, and pour away. Wine comes out while tasteless, odorless argon goes in, and the bottle remains sealed until you’re ready for your next pour, with no time limitations. And if, like us, you find yourself drinking some high-end wines with screwcaps rather than corks, this version has you covered with six Timeless Standard Screwcaps. Here you’ll replace the bottle’s original cap, insert the needle through the self-sealing silicone diaphragm, pour a glass, and keep the bottle for up to three months.

Other accessories included with the Timeless Six are three argon capsules, textured fabric carry case, needle clearing tool, an aerator to bring out the best in your wine, and a bottle sleeve that will ensure that even the most fragile bottle remains intact when pressurized with argon. The Coravin Timeless Aerator attaches to the system spout and breaks the wine stream into 32 separate streams that turn into droplets, accelerating the aeration process as you pour, offering the equivalent of an hour or more of decanting. Trusted by wine pros the world over, Coravin lets you pour a glass or two from a bottle at the moment you feel like drinking it rather than waiting for a special occasion. With the Coravin Timeless Six+ you can turn any moment into that special occasion simply by savoring an exceptional glass of wine.

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