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Tiffany and Bugatti Shrug off the Christmas Blues

Tiffany and Bugatti Shrug off the Christmas Blues

You might wonder what the purveyor of fine jewellery has in common with one of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers. Tiffany and Buggati have released their exclusive year-end creations made with their respective Houses’ heritage and clientele in mind. While one may be more decorative than automotive, they each represent an appreciation for undisputed luxury.

The Tiffany Taxi is a horological masterpiece inspired by a 1950s New York City taxicab. Its design combined with the signature Tiffany’s blue colour, celebrates the house’s heritage and captures the whimsical ethos that defines many of Tiffany’s creations. Handcrafted in aluminum with a Tiffany Blue body and wheel accents, together with a dramatic tailfin fender, the clock is more than a collector’s item, it is also a work of art.

Bugatti’s story is about a husband’s love of his wife translated through this bespoke his and hers hand-painted Chiron Super Sport from the Bugatti Sur Mesure designers. The intricate process of creating this extraordinary paint scheme takes weeks, beginning with the creation of 2D shapes representing the lines that will be flowing over the car, which must be applied to the cars 3D surfaces with millimeter-perfection and taped. Each millimeter of the marked lines is then meticulously painted by hand, layer upon layer, with the contrasting color – orange in this case. 

Bugatti customers have come to expect the extraordinary every step of the way during their journey with the brand; from individualisation to delivery to servicing, customer service reflects the same focus and attention to detail that goes into the design of every Bugatti. Frederic Stocks, Head of the Aftersales Workshop, said: “Never before have we been asked to completely transform the character of a car that is so early into its ownership journey with a customer. Doing so is one of the most technically challenging projects we have ever undertaken, but the experience and knowledge of the Bugatti Aftersales team is unmatched. From individualisation to delivery and beyond, Customer Service is making sure that every step of the Bugatti customer journey is as unique and unrivaled as our cars.”

The resulting bespoke Chiron Super Sport is a triumph of passion and creativity, bringing together the personal vision of the customer with the creativity of the Bugatti team.

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