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Travis Kelce’s Most Costly Issues: Luxurious Vehicles, Actual Property and Extra

Travis Kelce’s Most Costly Issues: Luxurious Vehicles, Actual Property and Extra

Travis Kelce has had a wildly successful football career as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. With three Super Bowl wins under his belt, the NFL player has made a massive fortune so far and isn’t afraid of splurging on the things he loves and is passionate about. Travis Kelce is currently at the peak of his fame not only as an athlete but also due to his personal life, particularly his relationship with pop phenom Taylor Swift. While Travis Kelce’s love story with Swift keeps blossoming, let’s take a look at his massive spends and the most expensive things he owns.

Travis Kelce has been open about his finances, especially his early days in the NFL. During the 2013 NFL Draft, he was recruited in the third round. As per Sportrac, under the first four-year contract with Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce was set to be paid a total of USD 3,126,304. He also received a signing bonus of USD 703,304. In the first four years of his career, Kelce was paid USD 781,576 annually. Of course, since then the figures have become even more bigger given his successful role with the team.

In an interview on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, Travis opened up about his first expensive purchase after signing his rookie contract. Admitting how he wasn’t good with finances then, the athlete revealed how he “spent it all.” The NFL player stated that he spent most of his money on his favourite hobbies which included buying expensive footwear, watches and more. Currently, his date night style while stepping out Swift reflects his love for fashion as well and has received high praise from Swifties.

Travis Kelce most expensive things, sneakers
Travis Kelce’s date night fashion with Taylor Swift has been impressive. (Image: Getty Images/Gotham)

Kelce’s first ever splurge happened to be on sneakers. He said, “I am a big sneaker fan. So, I had to have the Marty McFlys, the Back to the Future, the Nike Airbags were the first purchase of kicks that I got. I knew I wanted them ever since saw them self-tie themselves on McFly’s feet.” He later also went on to pour a huge sum of his early income on a Rolex. From luxury watches to sneakers as well as an enviable car collection, let’s take a look at the most expensive things Travis Kelce owns.

Most expensive things owned by Travis Kelce

 Travis Kelce’s expensive sneakers

Kelce is one of the highest paid tight ends in the NFL. Among all the things he is passionate about, the one that tops his shopping list is evidently sneakers. The footballer owns over 300 pairs of sneakers and has added several high-end brands to his closet.  Among the luxury sneakers that he owns, the Dior Air Jordan 1s are arguably the most expensive ones, priced at USD 20,000. He also owns the Air Mage Marty McFly pair costing USD 10, 000 which he previously wore at a red carpet event in 2015.

Kelce’s image is not only limited to being a Swiftie-approved boyfriend but is also growing to be a surprising menswear icon thanks to his cool wardrobe choices. Back in October 2023, the NFL player left everyone impressed with his rare sneaker choice as he stepped out sporting a pair of Nike‘s “Green Lobster” Dunk Low worth USD 1,495.

Kelce has not only bought a ton of Nike sneakers but has also collaborated with his favourite brand. In 2021, he released Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage By Travis Kelce which turned out to be a fairly successful venture.

Luxury car collection of Travis Kelce

Apart from being a sneakerhead, Kelce is also a massive motorhead. It has been reported that the Chiefs player has a car collection worth USD 1.4 million which includes nine cars. The athlete is often seen going out and about in his fancy cars that range from convertibles to the dependable SUVs and more. The most luxurious car in Kelce’s collection is the Rolls Royce Ghost worth USD 400,000.

The footballer’s car collection first gained attention back in September 2023 after he was spotted driving Taylor Swift in his 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. The luxurious deep burgundy hued car costs a whopping USD 149,000. Considering Swift herself is also known to be a car enthusiast and owns a stellar collection, fans were quick to ship the two from the beginning.

To top it all, Kelce himself even dubbed it the “getaway car” (a reference to Swift’s song) on an episode of his New Heights podcast.

Travis Kelce most expensive things
Travis Kelce boasts of a luxury car collection including a 1970 Custom Chevrolet Chevelle SS. (Image: Travis Kelce/Facebook)

Among the cheapest cars in Kelce’s fleet is a GMC Terrain SUV worth USD 31,995. The NFL player was seen riding this to a Super Bowl afterparty along with Swift. The player also owns a Aston Martin Vantage (USD 146,986), Land Rover Range Rover GMC (USD 150,000), Mercedes-AMG G63 (USD 179,000), GMC Hummer (USD 80,000) and a Cadillac Escalade (USD 84,000).

Designer outfits, watches and bags

Travis Kelce has a noticeable fashion sense and he has become a style icon for menswear in the past few years. The NFL player’s exquisite wardrobe choices suggest that he spends a healthy amount of his fortune on them. His sartorial choices have also caught attention of Swifties, especially peculiar picks such as The KidSuper Studios’ 1989 Bedroom Painting denim set referencing Swift’s 2014 album.

Before the big Super Bowl 2024 game against San Francisco 49ers, Kelce grabbed eyeballs as he arrived in a custom sequinned Amiri suit and paired with luxury accessories. From his YSL sunglasses worth USD 530 to the Amiri Stars Weekender Bag worth USD 2,155, the footballer’s style was beyond chic. He also wore jewellery worth USD 2,200 which included Louis Vuitton chain links and monogram necklaces. During the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade after Superbowl LIV, Kelce was seen sporting a shearling monogrammed Louis Vuitton coat that costs USD 18,600.

Kelce’s flamboyant wardrobe also includes high-end brands such as Celine and not long ago, the player was seen sporting a cardigan worth USD 2300 from the same brand.

Apart from wearing custom designer outfits, Kelce also boasts a stunning bag collection. The athlete has a selection of duffle bags and among them one brand that he often swears by is Bottega Veneta. In November 2023, Kelce was seen carrying the Italian luxury brand’s medium-sized bag with a removable strap worth a price tag of USD 5,400. His bag collection also includes a Louis Vuitton Keepall Damier Azur worth 2,570 and a Louis Vuitton Eclipse Pegase costing USD 2,233. A lot of luxury fashion items constitute Travis Kelce’s most expensive things list and after bags and his outfits, it’s also his watches.

Kelce is passionate about his watches and is often seen flaunting them. His luxury collection includes a Rolex Submariner 126610, a platinum and a gold Rolex Day-Date. Apart from being a watch fanatic, Travis also seems to have a keen eye for jewellery. The footballer gifted Swift a stunning diamond bracelet worth USD 6,000. The special diamond friendship bracelet spells out “TNT,” a playful twist on the couple’s initials.

Real estate spends

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end owns multiple properties and recently invested USD 6 million in a mansion. The 17,000 square-foot property in Kansas is a part of a gated community in Leawood and offers ample privacy. Considering his relationship with Swift is constantly in the public eye, it seems Kelce was keen on this purchase. The house is one of Kelce’s most expensive purchases consisting of six-bedrooms, six-bathrooms and is also near to his former USD 1 million home.

His property portfolio also includes a custom-designed, seven-bedroom property in Kansas City’s Briarcliff West neighborhood, which he reportedly bought for USD 995,000 in 2019. The athlete also owns a house in Florida. The condo is located in Orlando and is worth USD 355,000.

The Super Bowl Suite

For the big Super Bowl night, Kelce wanted to make sure that his family and friends who turned up to support him had a comfortable and enjoyable time. The athlete, who hosted his famous girlfriend for the game, reportedly dropped USD 1 million on the Super Bowl suite. At the game, Swift was accompanied by her close pals Ice Spice, Blake Lively and more and excitedly cheered for Kelce.

In his New Heights podcast, Kelce joked about spending on the suite and said, “I’m not really doing much different other than just counting how much money I’m spending on this damn Super Bowl for family and friends to come. Just making sure I’m on top of those finances and losing all this money.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– How much is Travis Kelce worth?

Travis Kelce’s net worth as of 2024 is USD 50 million. The Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end reportedly earns USD 14.3 million.

–  How much money does Travis Kelce get for winning the Super Bowl?

Every player on the winning team gets paid an equal amount. For Super Bowl LVIII, each Chiefs player will be getting USD 164,000 for the team’s 25-22 win over the 49ers.

– Did Travis pay for the Super Bowl suite?

As per TMZ, Travis Kelce paid a whopping USD 1 million for the Super Bowl suite where his family, friends and girlfriend Taylor Swift were invited to watch the game.

– Who is richer, Travis Kelce or Taylor Swift?

While Taylor Swift’s net worth is estimated at USD 1.1 billion, the Chiefs tight end is estimated to be worth USD 50 million.

(Main and featured images: Kansas City Chiefs/Instagram, Travis Kelce/Instagram)

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