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Uncovering The Richest Neighbourhoods And The Most Costly Home In Malaysia

Uncovering The Richest Neighbourhoods And The Most Costly Home In Malaysia

If you’ve ever wanted to know how the rich and the famous live in Malaysia, these expensive houses and properties will clue you in. Safely tucked within some of the nation’s richest neighborhoods, these homes are inspiration, as well as eye-candy for aspiring homeowners with big dreams.

Your address is more than just a pinpoint on Google Maps; it’s where your life happens. Where you choose to lay down your roots will form the foundation of your future. And, more than that, it forms the foundation of your life, serving as the starting point for your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It is where you settle into daily routines, where you create memories that will last you a lifetime. It reflects who you are and represents the life you hope to lead.

Neighbourhoods in Klang Valley are as varied as they are unique, with an abundance of options to suit the different needs of Malaysian families. With the world’s post-pandemic property market on the mend, it’s easy enough for developers to promote their projects as prime real estate. However, the definition of prime real estate can vary, depending on the person asking. While some potential homeowners emphasise aesthetics and architecture, others oftentimes place greater importance on location, ease of access, nearby public amenities, good schools, safety, and more. For a development to truly be worthy of a hefty price tag, it must provide.

And how these seven neighbourhoods provide. From the lush and verdant greenery of Bukit Tunku to the chic expat-filled high rises of Bangsar, here are some of the most exclusive and richest neighborhoods in Klang Valley – as well as the most expensive house in Malaysia, with prices denoted in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

The richest neighborhoods and the most expensive houses in Malaysia

Taman Duta

Estimated price range for high rises: HKD 1.83 million to HKD 3.8 million

Estimated price range for landed properties: HKD 10.9 million to HKD 50 million

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
This private house in Taman Duta by Linear Vista is a symbol of prestige within one of the richest neighbourhoods in Malaysia. (Image: Linear Vista)

A distinguished upper-class enclave conveniently situated in the Segambut constituency of Kuala Lumpur, Taman Duta lies nestled amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, a mere stone’s throw away from local landmarks like the Federal Territory Mosque, the National Archives, the new Istana Negara, and the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre. Home to many of the nation’s highest earners and elites, it is where many private business magnates and political figures rest their heads for the night. Most famously, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s home sits here. Once the subject of controversy and endless raids leading up to the 1MDB scandal, it has now become a must-see ‘tourist spot’.

A secluded landscape luxuriously bathed in nature’s delights, Taman Duta boasts housing estates that perfectly cater to those living the high life. From luxury bungalows to semi-detached homes and opulent condominiums, the properties here are aimed at providing seclusion and privacy. No expense is spared when it comes to comfort, with many of these properties uniquely designed to suit the aesthetic preferences of their owners. Expect to find grandiose structures that evoke the likeness of castles, with spacious interiors befitting the address and the attached price tag of living within.

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
This gorgeous, light-filled apartment in Seri Duta II, which is located on Jalan Langgak Duta, was completed by Dot Works in 2019. (Image: Dot Works)

Understandably, the properties here are among the most expensive houses in Malaysia. Aspiring homeowners can expect to spend at least a minimum of seven figures, with condominiums forming the lowest tier of available options worth between HKD 1.8 million to HKD 3.8 million. Popular developments include Seri Duta I, located on Jalan Gallenger, and Seri Duta II which is located on Jalan Langgak Duta. The most expensive listings, however, feature opulent bungalows with asking prices that start at HKD 10.9 million, with the most expensive among them starting at HKD 50 million for 17,000 square feet in which to live out your wildest interior design dreams.

Discover Taman Duta properties here.

Damansara Heights

Estimated price range for high rises: HKD 425,008 to HKD 21 million

Estimated price range for landed properties: HKD 4.2 million to HKD 75 million

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
Nestled within one of the richest neighbourhoods in Malaysia, The Cedar offers stunning landscape views of Damansara Heights. (Image: The Cedar)

Named by Lonely Planet as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world and oftentimes referred to as the ‘Beverly Hills of Malaysia’, Damansara Heights is the epitome of tranquil and serene living. Nestled within verdant landscapes and adorned with lavish bungalows, villas, modern townhouses, and semi-detached homes, its chic suburban streets are studded with personality. Its properties, which undoubtedly include some of the most expensive houses in Malaysia, recall an urban Melbourne-style aesthetic further reinforced by their proximity to Jalan Batai and its plethora of upscale eateries and stores. The affluent neighbourhood also provides particular appeal for families and expatriates, being mere minutes away from the vibrant urban offerings of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre with easy access to Pavilion Damansara Heights. If quiet luxury is your idea of living the high life, this prestigious address is the place to be.

Among the top property picks within Damansara Heights, Aira Residence features prominently with asking prices that range between HKD 4.3 million for a 1,894 sqft unit to HKD 21 million for 7,201 sqft unit. Another popular address is The Peak, a luxury development with units that start from HKD 9.2 million. Unsurprisingly, bungalows in the area are an immensely luxurious affair, with the most expensive among them hitting the HKD 58 million mark.

Discover Bukit Damansara here.

Bukit Tunku

Estimated price range for high rises: HKD 1.1 million to HKD 11.3 million

Estimated price range for landed properties: HKD 6.3 million to HKD 83 million

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
Arata of Tijani provides excellent, unimpeded views of what is considered one of the richest neighbourhoods in Malaysia. (Image: Arata of Tijani/Symphony Life Berhad)

Formerly known as Kenny Hills (yes, like the bakers), Bukit Tunku is a swanky, low-density upper-class residential district comprising mostly freehold properties in Kuala Lumpur. Like its lush and affluent neighbouring district Taman Duta, it is located in the Segambut constituency, and features an equally mesmerising selection of luxury condominiums, villas, bungalows, and detached houses. A short distance away from similar residential neighbourhoods like Mont Kiara and Bangsar, it is easily accessible via major highways including Lebuhraya Duta-Sungai Buloh and the North-South Expressway. And that’s not all.

From its desirable location, Bukit Tunku boasts proximity to city-centre attractions like the KL Bird Park, Perdana Botanical Gardens, and Bukit Sri Bintang, all of which provide serene escapades in the form of nature-inundated walking-and-hiking trails. Restaurants and cafes also feature in abundance within the district’s confines, with a diverse plethora of options at the ready for all tastes and cravings. It is also well-serviced in terms of healthcare institutions and esteemed private schools.

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
This 10,000 sqft villa in Bukit Tunku is the work of Two’s Company, who were given a budget of HKD 8.4million to work with for architecture and interior design. (Image: Two’s Company/Atap)

Unsurprisingly, Bukit Tunku is home to some of the most expensive houses in Malaysia, catering to the richest in society. Key developments include Kenny Hills Residence, where units are worth between HKD 4.5 million to HKD 9.97 million, and Tijani 2 North, a luxury condominium development located in Jalan Langgak Tunku. Here, units can be worth as much as HKD 11.3 million for a 7,500 sqft unit, with smaller units going for a minimum of HKD 3.8 million. The real star of the show, however, lies in the super-exclusive bungalows located in the Tijani 1 enclave. With prices ranging from HKD 12.8 million to HKD 58 million, these bungalows are the real crème de la crème of high living.

With architectural savants making their mark within the expanse of Bukit Tunku, YTL Residence’s spaceship-shaped development is certainly one that catches the eye. The work of esteemed Parisian-based architectural firm Studio Jouin Manku, the three-generation private residence occupies 3,000 square metres of prime real estate and stands as a beacon of architectural wonder.

Of the project, which is believed to have cost up to HKD 66.7 million to construct, the firm shares, “Drawing upon the poignancy of the natural landscape, and a taste for the ultramodern, evidenced by the city skyline this entrepreneurial family helped to build, we looked to create a brand-new architecture for this home.” The firm would then go on to imbue the structure with organic shapes, connecting the spaces with light, sound, and references to the exquisite natural surroundings.

Discover Bukit Tunku here.

Desa ParkCity

Estimated price range for high rises: HKD 856,535 to HKD 10.7 million

Estimated price range for landed properties: HKD 3.5 million to HKD 48 million

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
Desa ParkCity is home to many of the richest personalities in society. (Image: Desa ParkCity)

Sprawled over 437 acres of vibrant greenery just north of Kampung Penchala with enticing waterfront views and exquisite landscaping as far as the eye can see, Desa ParkCity is an award-winning township where urban families find home in the tightly knit bonds of community. Emphasising sustainability and active outdoor lifestyles, the township is impressively self-sufficient, boasting exclusive schools, hospitals, a clubhouse, a sports centre, parks, and an eclectic array of dining options for all occasions.

Accessibility is a given; conveniently linked to extensive road networks like SPRINT Highway and Damansara Link, the locale is likewise a few short minutes away from shopping hubs like Mutiara Damansara and One Utama.

True to its name, the township features three distinct parks – Central Park, East Park, and West Park, each serving a unique purpose, yet all providing serene retreats to nearby residents. The master plan features an assortment of properties, ranging from low-rise and high-rise residential units to commercial lots, township amenities, and recreation parks.

With mostly freehold properties on offer, Desa ParkCity showcases a diverse portfolio of options for prospective homeowners. As of now, a 24,780 sqft mansion in The Ridgewood, one of the most exclusive addresses within the township, can cost upwards of HKD 48 million, while a 520 sqft serviced apartment can cost upwards of HKD 856,535.

Discover Desa ParkCity here.

Bukit Bandaraya / Bangsar

Estimated price range for high rises: HKD 1.25 million to HKD 70.4 million

Estimated price range for landed properties: HKD 6.3 million to HKD 90 million

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
The Tanduk 5 Residency bungalows in Bukit Bandaraya are priced between HKD 11 million to HKD 12.3 million. (Image: Avid Estates/Instagram)

A prestigious suburb adjacent to the urban streets of Bangsar, the Bukit Bandaraya neighbourhood features luxurious residences including some of the most expensive bungalows, villas, and high-rise complexes catering to the richest ultra high-net-worth individuals and expatriates in Malaysia. First developed in the 1970s by Bandar Raya Developments Bhd., the hilly neighbourhood contrasts the serene sanctuary of its sloping terrains against an unobstructed panoramic view of the city. The resultant vibe is one that is irrevocably ‘chill’, giving off the impression that Bukit Bandaraya homeowners live their lives in a state of mindfulness and zen. The exclusive neighbourhood delivers an abundance of amenities, from sports complexes and child-friendly recreational spots to the chic nightlife haunts of Telawi, as well as a thriving food and beverage scene.

Accessible using Jalan Maarof and the SPRINT and New Pantai Expressways, residents of the luxurious hillside address also enjoy proximity to swanky healthcare, courtesy of Pantai Hospital Bangsar; ditto with a well-considered selection of schools comprising local as well as international institutions including the Cempaka International School in neighbouring Damansara Heights.

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
This 9,000 sqft residential bungalow in Bangsar was completed by JCS Design Project – an apt representation for the most expensive houses in Malaysia. (Image: JCS Design Project/Instagram)

While most of the houses in Bukit Bandaraya bear distinctive retro ’70s design trademarks like split levels and larger entertaining areas, many have also been renovated to provide modern appeal. These days, depending on size and location, a bungalow in Bukit Bandaraya can fetch between HKD 5.25 million and HKD 89.9 million, making them some of the most expensive houses in Malaysia. Popular new developments in Bukit Bandaraya include Serai Condominium, the units of which can fetch up to HKD 20.8 million.

Discover Bukit Bandaraya / Bangsar here.

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Estimated price range for high rises: HKD 707,820 to HKD 10.3 million

Estimated price range for landed properties: HKD 2.9 million to HKD 36.6 million

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
The Greens by Bellworth Developments offers stunning views of the surrounding TTDI neighbourhood, which is generally considered one of the richest in Malaysia. (Image: The Greens/Bellworth Developments)

Once a rubber estate, the affluent suburban neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (Or TTDI, as it is often casually referred to) is just a stone’s throw away from Petaling Jaya staples like Bandar Utama, Mutiara Damansara, and Damansara Perdana. First developed in 1973 and named for Malaysia’s former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr. Ismail bin Abdul Rahman, it comprises mainly freehold properties, making it attractive for multi-generational families who harbour hopes of passing their homes down to their descendants.

Its strategic centrality is especially desirable for families seeking a more relaxed lifestyle away from the heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre; however, the serene enclave nonetheless falls under the Segambut constituency, providing a prestigious KL address for those who care. With easy access via the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) and SPRINT Highway, the cosy enclave is also home to many chic dining spots, cafes, and bars, leaving its populace of one of the richest neighbourhoods in Malaysia utterly spoilt for choice.

most expensive house in malaysia, expensive houses, richest neighborhoods in malaysia
Designers Joanne and Benny from Framework Studio transformed this 20-year-old double-storey home in TTDI, turning it into an eclectic, colourful modern space. (Image: Framework Studio/Atap)

TTDI is considered to be an upper-middle-class (M40) neighbourhood catering to families with a monthly gross income between RM7,110 (HKD 11,841) and RM10,959 (HKD 18,251). However, prospective luxury homeowners should not discount the location entirely. Many of the freehold homes in the area are a testament to appreciating property prices, with single storey terraced homes that were worth around HKD 56,625 in 1975 now fetching between HKD 1.5 million to HKD 2 million. Double storey homes, which were priced around HKD 116,572 in the 1970s, are now going for more than HKD 1.67 million, making them sound investments.

See Also

Popular high-rise developments within TTDI include The Greens serviced apartments, which can cost upwards of HKD 10.3 million for 3,830 sqft of space. Other notable developments include Sinaran TTDI (HKD 1.4 million to HKD 6.5 million), Kiara Park (HKD 1 million to HKD 4.3 million), and Mas Kiara Residences (HKD 1 million to HKD 4.2 million).

Discover Taman Tun Dr. Ismail here.

Ampang Hilir / Embassy Row

Estimated price range for high rises: HKD 499,627 to HKD 41.6 million

Estimated price range for landed properties: HKD 3.16 million to HKD 78.3 million

Among the original developments in Kuala Lumpur, Ampang Hilir was once a tin mining town. Its storied history dates back to the 1850s when Raja Abdullah of the Selangor Sultanate opened up Klang Valley for tin mining. While the initial mining process was fraught with illness and difficulties, the first tin was eventually exported in 1859, and the success eventually led to the development of Kuala Lumpur.

Today, Ampang Hilir stands as one of the richest neighborhoods in Malaysia, a status symbol invoking luxury, sophistication, and culture. As a prestigious central location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur just a short distance away from KLCC and the city centre, it plays host to the nation’s ultra-high net worth and expatriate set. As its name would suggest, ‘Embassy Row’ houses numerous expensive international embassies; thus, it comes as no surprise that the neighbourhood is occupied by many ambassadors, their families, and foreign dignitaries.

Conveniently accessible via the Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH), the KL Middle Ring Road (MRR2), and Jalan Ampang, this neighbourhood features numerous amenities for the richest in society, including the prestigious Gleneagles Hospital and the Royal Malaysian Golf Club. Boasting an abundance of chic hubs for catching up over coffee and a meal, there are options aplenty that cater to the neighbourhood’s various occupants – from a bustling café scene including local favourites like Fine Coffee and Flowers and Fox Paradox to international dining hotspots like La Bodega, La Risata, and Hadramawt Kitchen.

Popular addresses within Ampang Hilir include Embassy Row’s Rimbun Condominiums, where a penthouse unit of 17,082 sqft can fetch upwards of HKD 41.6 million. Yet another popular address is Jalan Madge in Taman U-Thant, where 18 Madge (HKD 3.7 million to HKD 26.6 million) and Madge Mansions (HKD 7.5 million to HKD 16.7 million) provide luxury resort-style living, privacy, and seclusion – a slice of heaven in a bustling, busy city. Landed properties can likewise fetch high figures. The most expensive among them: a 16,000 sqft bungalow located in Taman U-Thant currently listed at HKD 78.1 million, making it one of the most expensive houses in Malaysia.

Discover Ampang Hilir / Embassy Row here.

(Main and featured images: The Peak/E&O)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most expensive place to live in Malaysia?

The most expensive house currently listed in this article is located in Bukit Bandaraya, with an asking price of HKD 89.9 million. Considering cost of living and other expenses, Malaysia’s most expensive cities to live in are Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, and Malacca.

– Where do the rich in Malaysia live?

Bukit Tunku, Ampang Hilir, Taman Duta, Damansara Heights, and Bukit Bandaraya all house individuals and expatriates with high to ultra-high net worths.

– Where is the richest place in Penang?

Affluent Penangites very likely live within the Tanjung Bungah, Gurney Drive, and the Seri Tanjung Pinang areas of Penang island.

– Where is the upper-class residential area in Kuala Lumpur?

Upper-class residential areas in Kuala Lumpur include Taman Duta, Bukit Tunku, Ampang Hilir, Damansara Heights, Bukit Bandaraya, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), and Desa ParkCity.

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