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Exclusive Interview With Talented Celebrity Actress & TV Host Zainab Youssef Shaaban

Exclusive Interview With Talented Celebrity Actress & TV Host Zainab Youssef Shaaban

Hollywood , California

Zainab Youssef Shaaban is a well known 23 year old Egyptian TV star living in Kuwait , she was born into a famous acting family , her dad is an iconic Egyptian Actor in the Middle East who was her inspiration to become an international star in the Middle East . Zainab emphasized being born into a family with a famous father came with a lot of privileges , one of the main important privileges for her was during her childhood years she got access to many studios and film sets to experience how producers and directors created films . Her father Youssef Shaaban took her to film studios so she could learn about the family business and film industry from an early age . Zainab truly enjoyed experiencing her dad act , she became obsessed with every detail of the atmosphere of the film sets , the lights , the cameras and the precise decisions in positioning and the chaos that goes on behind the scenes.

Zainab explained that growing up as a famous Arab celebrity’s daughter had also many challenges such as having to work extremely harder to be recognized in the media industry for your own talent not just because of your family name , she constantly had to prove to the Arab world that her success was a result of her own talent and creativity , not because she was a high profile celebrity’s daughter . During her career journey she was against anyone wanting to give her a short cut in the media industry because of her famous father , her goal was to be appreciated for her own identity and talent , therefore she purposely refused to receive support from anyone in the media industry including her own family . Zainab choose always to audition for her roles attending castings just like every other actor starting a fresh career. Her confidence , dedication and hard work led her to successfully becoming an assistant director for a Kuwaiti well known TV series , as well she landed herself a lead role on a Kuwaiti soap opera and also became the face of many different luxurious brands on social media in Kuwait . Zainab also knew the importance of having an education so she successfully graduated with a bachelors in Media in 2020 .

Zainab expressed to us that she is proud of her accomplishments and for always refusing to take any advantages from her dads iconic title to get roles or opportunities in the media industry , however she acknowledged that being the daughter of an Arab film royalty gave her the knowledge and experience of the the film industry in depth , she was fortunate to witness her dad act from an early age , this allowed her to observe and learn the many details happening on film sets that people took years to realize and learn.

Zainab very impressive and inspirational story , can you share with the Lavish Life readers if it was easy being always in the media from an early age?

Thank you for asking me this question , I would like to share with the Lavish Life readers that being in the media isn’t as easy as people assume , honestly it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there to all sort of different types of people. In this industry it is extremely competitive , some people wait for you to fail , some are the reason behind you falling and of course some motivate you to successfully go throughout it all accomplishing your goals.

Being a public figure on TV now what do your Kuwaiti and Arab fans expect of you?

Some fans might think that just because I work in the media industry I am obligated to show every intimate private moment in my life on social media . People must understand that I can be a public figure on social media but they must acknowledge that I also appreciate and respect my own privacy outside the film studios.

What were the challenges and struggles that you had on your journey to success in the media industry?

My journey is still ongoing , I hope and feel that slowly but gradually people will get to know me for my own identity and talent , not only for being a famous celebrity’s daughter . In this industry I have met many children of famous actors who are exactly in my situation struggling to have recognition for their hard efforts and talent , just imagine growing up all the people around you are constantly praising you only because you’re a child of a famous actor but not wanting to give you any credit for your creativity or talent , this can really affect any person mentally , in most cases this feeling can transform into anger or envy for some children making them not want to associate with their famous family names.

Please tell us what makes you proud?

I am proud to say that I’m Zainab Youssef Shaaban because its part of me NOT because it defines me , I am not my dad and could never be him , I must admit he was a famous talented man who literally became a legend , I truly hope that one day soon I could reach his level of success in my career , my journey so far has been very successful.

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Any advice you would like to share with our readers who are starting a career in the film and media industry?

My first advice to anyone who is interested in the media industry is when you have the chance to be in the field that you’re interested in especially if you are on a film set , always observe everything that’s happening around you because when things are in action it’s totally different than what you might expect. Making connections in media is also a very important factor . Now that we’re done with the business part , my second advice for everyone is to have patience , this is the ultimate key to success . If you want to achieve your goals you can never give up especially when you face difficult times or encounter hard challenges . The world at times can be unfair , we must acknowledge that some people work hard and get nothing in return for their efforts and some people put no effort doing nothing and get a lot in return , what is important is to never compare yourself to others and focus on your own fight to achieve success building yourself up high , nothing in your life will change if you don’t take your first step on your journey to success . Bad times can look like a setback in your life but in reality it’s a set up to push you forward to be successful.

Zainab any final words before we end this wonderful interview?

I would like to thank the prestigious Lavish Life Magazine for introducing me to their Los Angeles and International readers , it was truly a pleasure to be able to have an opportunity to share my story to you guys in California and around the Globe. You all will hopefully see me still moving forward and going bigger as a TV host , always gaining more experience in the media field building me up to new exciting opportunities so I will see you all soon again.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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