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What Function Will Lisa Play in ‘The White Lotus’? A Few Concepts

What Function Will Lisa Play in ‘The White Lotus’? A Few Concepts

Blackpink member Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Manobal is joining the cast of The White Lotus Season 3, but what role will she play? We have a few ideas. 

Blinks may soon be joining the crowds and tuning into HBO’s hit series The White Lotus, as it was announced earlier this month that Lisa Blackpink will be joining the cast of the show. Production is rumoured to have already begun in Lisa’s home country of Thailand, taking place around Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok. 

Lisa will be joining a cast that already includes Leslie Bibb, Jason Isaacs, Aimee Lou Wood, Parker Posey, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, amongst many others. She will also be in good company with fellow Thai cast members Dom Hetrakul, Tayme Thapthimthong, and Lek Patravadi. 

Whilst the cast list has finally been revealed, plot details are yet to be unveiled for The White Lotus Season 3. Ever the super-fans, and always the theory-weavers, however, we already made a few predictions based on previous episodes, and based on filming locations. Thereby, it only made sense that we came up with a few ideas for Lisa Blackpink’s role in The White Lotus, too. Here’s what we’re thinking.

What role will Lisa play in The White Lotus? A few ideas

lisa blackpink white lotus role
Image Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram (left) and HBO (right)

Front Desk Manager: Manning the reception desk at The White Lotus resort

We love this theory the most, because it just makes so much sense. Fluent in multiple languages, we’d love to see Lalisa Manobal man the reception desk at the The White Lotus resort in Koh Samui, welcoming guests and giving out keycards for any and all of their adventures. There is always something going on at the front desk, and together with Dom Hetrakul (whom we totally see as resort manager), this would add a friendly local touch. We’d love to see B-roll of Lisa snacking on moo ping during her lunch break, and greeting guests with a warm “Sawasdee ka.” 

lisa blackpink white lotus role
Image Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram (right) and HBO (left)

Poolside Troublemaker: Lounging on the sun beds with a partner in crime

Whether it’s the judgemental poolside digs from Paula and Olivia in Season 1, or the illegal partying with Mia and Lucia in Season 2, there always seems to be a female power duo that causes trouble on The White Lotus. Part of an actual girl band in real life, Lisa Blackpink may find some appeal in this, teaming up for girl power with a partner in crime on the show. They probably wouldn’t break out in a dance number mid-season, but it would be cool. 

jennifer coolidge lalisa manobal white lotus
Image Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram (left) and HBO (right)

Superstar Incognito: Hiding from the paparazzi in the villas

A little closer to home, perhaps Lisa Blackpink plays the female solo traveller on The White Lotus. She could be a tired pop star looking for inspiration to strike, hiding out from a PR scandal, or seeking out rest and recovery at the exclusive luxury resort. Lalisa could play a cat lady trying to catch a break, and since we know she loves cats in real life, this makes for grand cat cameo potential. 

lalisa manobal joins the white lotus season 3
Image Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram (right) and HBO (left)

Newly-wed with Unbearable Husband: Passive aggressive comments at the breakfast buffet

The White Lotus is notorious for featuring toxic males, and often they are paired with very likeable female counterparts. As The White Lotus resort often welcomes couples, perhaps Lisa will be paired with one of these unbearable men. Her sweet smile will act as a fierce foil to her gaslighting husband, and in her first acting role, we’d love to see her lash out and take the power back at the end of the season. 

lisa blackpink white lotus role aubrey plaza
Image Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram (right) and HBO (left)

Scheming Love Interest: Maker of the major plot twist at the end

Remember in Season 1 when we meet Greg Hunt and we think he’s great, and then in Season 2 he turns out not-so-great? We’re not saying that Lisa should team up with “high-end gays” and plot unspeakable things, but we can imagine her character causing a major turning point in the storyline. Will Lisa Blackpink be capable of murder on The White Lotus Season 3? We’re not sure, but we can only hope she doesn’t do what Greg did.

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What Greg did was not cool, Lisa.

The White Lotus Season 3 is currently in production, and will air on HBO GO in 2025. 

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