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What We Know About Shopping for London, Netflix’s British Reply to Promoting Sundown

What We Know About Shopping for London, Netflix’s British Reply to Promoting Sundown

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Netflix is gearing up to launch a game-changer in the world of telly, and it’s called Buying London. Picture this: It’s like the British cousin to Selling Sunset, dripping with all the luxury and high-stakes drama we’ve come to crave, but with a distinctly London flavour. At the heart of this buzzworthy new series is Daniel Daggers, a real estate wizard who’s not just about selling posh pads but totally shaking up how the game is played in London’s swanky neighbourhoods.

The maverick behind Buying London: Daniel Daggers

Daniel Daggers is taking the position of the Oppenheim twins and Mauricio Umansky in Buying London. ( Image credit: Netflix)

Let’s talk about Daniel, or as he likes to call himself, ‘Mr. Super Prime’. With a legacy of selling over GBP 5 billion worth of property to the rich and famous, Daggers’ narrative is not just about luxury homes but revolutionising the London real estate scene. Having left a 25-year career in mainstream real estate, half of which was spent with big corporations, Daggers has embarked on a mission with his independent agency, DDRE Global, to bring a fresh perspective to the industry.

The show’s going to take us on a whirlwind tour through some of London’s most drool-worthy properties, from the swanky streets of Mayfair to the secluded corners of Holland Park. But it’s not just about the glitz and glamour. We’ll get a sneak peek into the hustle behind the scenes, following Daniel and his team as they take on the big, old-school real estate firms with their fresh, bold approach.

Behind the Scenes 

Buying London isn’t just your run-of-the-mill property programme; it’s a deep dive into the ambitions, challenges, and triumphs of a team daring to dream big. Daniel and his crew are out to prove they’ve got what it takes to turn the traditional London property market on its head. The teasers and sneak peeks have already got us hooked, showcasing a mix of lavish homes and Daniel’s cheeky charm as he vows to outsmart the stereotype-laden world of posh estate agents.

The anticipation around Buying London is palpable, with fans of luxury real estate shows eagerly awaiting what promises to be a blend of high stakes, drama, and, of course, breathtaking properties. As Daggers puts it, with a blend of humour and conviction, “In the story of David vs. Goliath, it’s David that wins. Or is it Daniel? It could be Daniel, actually.”

Raising the Bar

With its debut right around the corner in May 2024, Buying London is all set to redefine not just luxury real estate viewing but how the business is done in one of the world’s most bustling metropolises. It’s about breaking the mould, chasing dreams, and, yes, showcasing some seriously lush living spaces.

Who else is excited about this new show? With Buying Beverly Hills season 2 dropping only a few days ago on March 22, and a new spin-off already a few days short of release, we can safely bet that Netflix is putting its chips securely into the world of real estate reality.

(Main and Featured Image credit: Netflix)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the London real estate show on Netflix?

This would be Buying London, an upcoming real estate reality show premiering on Netflix in May 2024. The series follows the style of Selling Sunset and is centred on British realtor Daniel Daggers and his team navigating the world of luxury real estate in the UK.

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How real is Selling Sunset?

Selling Sunset is apparently unscripted and follows the actual lives and work of its cast. That said, like most other reality TV series, the show is masterfully edited to make for riveting watching.

Do the Selling Sunset agents get paid?

Yes, the agents do get paid and earn a commission on the properties they sell. Considering how many of these are lavish homes, it’s expected that their commission amounts are relatively high.

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