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Which The Row Bag Ought to You Purchase? A Few Issues to Think about

Which The Row Bag Ought to You Purchase? A Few Issues to Think about

Looking to add your first bag from The Row? Then consider these six essential designs by the brand when making your decision.

If you’re not familiar with The Row yet, you probably heard of them recently when they made waves in the fashion industry by defying the norm and prohibiting smartphone use during their latest presentation. That trick has worked well in their favour when one considers the success that The Row has in the past two years. Looking to add one of the brand’s pieces to your collection? Read on to learn about the best The Row bags to buy right now.

While the new Luddism moment has set the tone for The Row on a wider stage thanks to widespread media coverage, the brand itself has already cemented a firm and formidable reputation among the world’s fashion elite. Much of this can be credited to the personal styles of their founders, actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who brought about a resurgence of pared-down, casual luxury in a manner that evoked the well-worn and well-loved simplicity of 1990s East Coast yuppie elegance ala Carolyn Bassette.

Never ostentatious, The Row embodies a design philosophy that puts quality materials and comfort first. This isn’t to say that refined elegance is neglected of course, with sleek tailoring often a key house code since the label’s inception. A combination of these aspects translates to a foundational bedrock upon which many wardrobe staples can be built, with items such as white shirts and coats being frequent best sellers.

Where accessories are concerned, handbags are the category dujour at The Row, as evidenced by the meteoric rise of the Margaux tote to prominence among luxury consumers. But beyond ludicrously capacious carryalls, you would be pleasantly surprised to learn that the brand has a handful of other designs that are worthy of your coin all the same, whether it be prim-and-proper top-handle moments or hands-free practicality courtesy of crossbody iterations.

If you’re still weighing your options on your first from the brand, here are five seminal The Row bags to consider.

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The Row bags: essential designs to consider when buying your first

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Margaux Bag

The most popular girl in class by a considerable margin, The Row’s Margaux bag is fast becoming the It Bag for a completely new generation of high-luxury consumers. Debuting in 2018, the spacious tote was already a staple in the daily rotation for one-percenters who enjoyed it for its inimitable ability to balance quality, practicality, and pared-down style. From running between New York sidewalks to cobblestones in Paris, the Margaux easily transitions between intercontinental sartorial trends, underscoring its appeal.

While it is most typically seen out in the wild in larger sizes, the Margaux is offered in as many as four different dimensions. These include the smallest 10-inch version, followed by the 12, 15, and finally, the 17. Materials are equally diverse; calf leather and suede is the norm, but a version made of nylon known as the Inside-Out Margaux was also briefly available before being discontinued.

Sofia 10.00 Bag

But if open-mouthed tote bags aren’t your style and you prefer daintier with more structure, then the Sofia 10.00 Bag is a sensible pick. Taking after similar styles evocative of handbags popularised during the 1950s, the Sofia sports clean, uninterrupted lines constructed from a sturdy box calf leather material. This translates to an exceedingly elegant design accented by a solitary piece of hardware on the bag’s front fascia.

Lift the flap open, and you will reap the benefits of a gusseted interior separated into two main sections, bisected by a zippered pocket in the middle. Both compartments are sizeable, and can fit a Continental wallet with relative ease. While the top-handle version doesn’t come with a crossbody strap, those who desire hands-free practicality in the same Sofia style can look towards the Sofia 10.00 Shoulder Bag, which trades the top-handle for an adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn doubled-up for a more secure fit against your underarm, or extended to its full length for relaxed chic.

Nikin Bag

True minimalists appreciate the signature restraint and austerity that comes with designs from The Row. A prime example of this can be seen in the Nikin Bag, intended to be strictly worn on the shoulder as a Baguette-adjacent style. As is the case with every other piece to debut from the NYC-based label, its unassuming simplicity belies a degree of fine craftsmanship that is rarely found elsewhere.

Made of supple calfskin with a wild boar lining, it takes some squinting to notice that this deceptively banal-looking shoulder bag only sports a minimal amount of stitches holding it together. Made from around three sheets of leather, each piece including the integrated handle is moulded into shape instead of being sewn, making it a true testament to The Row’s commitment in leathercraft.

Terrase Bag

If there is one thing that the Margaux bag falls short in, it is probably where security is concerned as by design, it is an open-mouth tote held together by a buckled strap. If you happen to commute on public transit and are worried about deft hands purloining your belongings without you noticing, then you can lay your worries at rest with The Row’s Terrase Bag instead.

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Offering the same air of easy, quiet luxury composure that has made the Margaux an instant hit, this shoulder bag is comparable to the 15-inch version of its more popular sibling, measuring 13 inches lengthwise. With a considerably more comfortable shoulder strap owing to a longer drop, the Terrase also comes with the added benefit of a zippered opening, which ensures that any and all valuables kept within will remain secure throughout the day.

Domino Bag

The bag range from The Row has a propensity to be more feminine leaning, given the softer shapes and lines inherent to their designs. But fret not, as the Domino Bag is a solid recommendation from within their collection that would suit the tastes of both men and women alike. Sporting boxier lines that are reminiscent of briefcases, this soft bowling bag is made completely out of supple saddle leather that is equal parts robust and buttery soft to the touch.

Dimension-wise, the bag’s 35-centimeter length provides ample storage, accommodating everything from compact laptops under 14 inches, to mini umbrellas and water bottles. Better still, the rolled handles come with a generous drop length for comfortable shoulder carry, as well as a zippered closure for the safety of your belongings. Sold in either Dark Chocolate or Black colourways, the Domino Bag fits perfectly in the daily office transit routine.

George Duffle Bag

Perfect for overnight trips or as carry-on luggage across international borders, duffle bags are an indispensable component in every man’s wardrobe. Predictably, The Row has one on offer all the same, sporting the same reliable ethos of style and substances their other designs do. Meet the George Duffle bag, a considerably-sized piece that measures a whopping 43 centimeters across lengthwise.

A hardy calfskin leather exterior belies an expansive interior that is also lined with leather, easily accommodating two day’s worth of clothes and toiletries in one go. Carry it by the top handles if you so choose, or sling it over your shoulder or crossbody if you would rather not have your hands occupied as you breeze through airport checkpoints. And in the words of Henry Ford, the George Duffle is available in every colour, as long as it is black.

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