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Who Is Jacob Elordi? Meet The Saltburn And Priscilla Star

Who Is Jacob Elordi? Meet The Saltburn And Priscilla Star

Causing much buzz after his appearances in Priscilla and now Saltburn, we is Jacob Elordi, and why are we so infatuated?

The actor has had something of a banner year, appearing in not one but two of the buzziest festival titles: Emerald Fennell’s psychological thriller Saltburn and Sofia Coppola’s biopic Priscilla.

The trailer for Priscilla recently gives fans a look at Elordi’s take on Elvis Presley – and viewers were divided on how it compares to Austin Butler’s turn in last year’s Elvis, with many claiming Elordi’s voice sounds more natural than Butler’s, despite the latter’s years-long preparation for the role.

So, who is Saltburn and Priscilla actor Jacob Elordi? Read on for everything you need to know.

Who is Jacob Elordi?

Jacob Elordi
Jacob Elordi at the Los Angeles premiere of Saltburn on 14 November 2023. (Image: courtesy Michael Tran/AFP)

Elordi is an actor whose stock has been consistently rising in recent years, to the point where he’s quickly becoming a major movie star.

In Saltburn, he plays a crucial supporting role as Felix Catton, an aristocratic Oxford student with whom the main character Oliver Quick develops something of an obsession, while he is also starring as Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla.

How old is Jacob Elordi?

Elordi was born on 26th June 1997 and is currently 26 years old.

What nationality is Jacob Elordi?

Although Elordi employs a pitch-perfect upper-class English accent in Saltburn – and has previously played predominantly American characters – he is actually Australian.

He was born in Brisbane and was schooled both there and in Melbourne before he eventually moved to the US to pursue his acting career.

What has Jacob Elordi previously starred in?

Elordi first shot to fame as the male lead in the Netflix romcom film The Kissing Booth in 2018, and he went on to reprise his role in two sequels, although he has since been rather dismissive about the trilogy in interviews.

He found further success playing the role of Nate Jacobs on HBO’s hit teen drama Euphoria, while he’s also had roles in films such as Deep Water and 2 Hearts.

But 2023 has seen his stock rise even further – as well as his key role in Saltburn and playing Presley in Priscilla, he’s also starred in two other films on the festival circuit, The Sweet East and He Went That Way.

Meanwhile, he’s secured roles in two more films currently slated for release in 2024: he will star alongside Daisy Edgar-Jones, Will Poulter and Diego Calva in the drama On Swift Horses and has bagged a key part in Paul Schrader’s next film Oh, Canada.

What has Jacob Elordi said about Saltburn?

Jacob Elordi
Australian actor Jacob Elordi at the 94th Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on 27 March 2022. (Image: Courtesy Angela Weiss/AFP)

Speaking in the film’s press notes, Elordi said: “Emerald did such an amazing job of putting her characters under a microscope that reveals close-up the whole of human nature.”

He added that he approached his character as someone who is “basically kind and joyful but can’t help but carry this immense sense of privilege that comes with the hundreds of years of money, history and influence that are his inheritance”.

Meanwhile, he also said that one of the things he liked about the film was that “there’s this constant ambiguity between good and evil and right and wrong in each character”.

What has Jacob Elordi said about playing Elvis?

Discussing the process of transforming into Elvis for the film, Elordi previously told The Hollywood Reporter: “The kind of first thing for me was just kind of disabling the mythology and attempting to play him as a human being and a person, who’s given a certain set of circumstances.”

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He continued: “So, the whole thing all the time was just trying to walk the tightrope between being arguably one of the most famous people in the world and a human being at the same time, and being honest with the love.”

Is Jacob Elordi on Instagram?

Yes, he is – you can follow him at the handle @jacobelordi.

Elordi already has over 12.7 (as of 11 December) million and we can only see that rising further as he continues to land big roles in major films.

Is Jacob Elordi on Twitter?

No, not at present.

(Hero and feature images: Courtesy AFP)

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