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Will Taylor Swift Be Capable of Make It to The Superbowl?

Will Taylor Swift Be Capable of Make It to The Superbowl?

It’s not a question of whether she wants to but whether she can. Will Taylor Swift be able to go to the Superbowl to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce possibly win it all?

On Sunday night, The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens in a thrilling game ending at 17-10, paving the way for the Chiefs to face the San Francisco 49ers at Superbowl LVIII on February 11.

If that was all gibberish to you, then this is the important part: Taylor Swift was there and celebrated with boyfriend Travis Kelce on the field, giving Swifites and everyone else a first close-up look at the couple being adorable and lovey-dovey. As thrilling as the game was (well, I guess it was if you like American football), the post-game celebration between the world’s most famous couple (yeah, I said it) was equally exciting, if not more.

But now that’s all done, there’s one question on Swifties’ minds: will Taylor be able to make it to the Superbowl?

Can Taylor Swift make it to the Superbowl?

Taylor Swift course
Image credit: Taylor Swift/ Instagram

It’s not a question of whether Taylor wants to be there. The singer-songwriter has attended 12 games at the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium since September, much to the chagrin of manchildren who can’t handle the fact that the cameras point at her sometimes, so if there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that she wants to be there to support Travis. 

However, it is a question of logistics. Believe it or not, Taylor’s “Eras Tour” is still in full swing, which just shows how supportive of a girlfriend she is to be able to attend her beau’s games while still performing three-hour shows around the world. Granted, her last show was in November, but she’s been attending games since September, which is still impressive.

Taylor is set to resume her tour on February 7 in Japan. The Superbowl, as previously mentioned, takes place on the 11th. But she’s doing four shows in Japan, which ends on the 10th. That means on the day before the big game, while Travis is in Las Vegas, Taylor will still be taking a bow in the Tokyo Dome. 

The logistics of it all

Image credit: Taylor Swift/ Instagram

True to form, Swifties immediately began calculating the hours. Users on TikTok began posting about whether it’s at all possible for Mother Swiftie to make it. TikTok user @kylephilippi made a whole presentation.  Even Drew Barrymore was calculating the hours on her show. 

The short answer is this: yes, she’ll be able to make it—if nothing major complicates things.

Doors are set to open at 6pm Tokyo time for Taylor’s show. It’ll probably be an hour before the show starts and it lasts four hours, so Taytay will be taking a bow at around 11pm. Meanwhile, it’s 6am in Las Vegas on the same day, and Travis might be getting up to get an early start. 

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Assuming Taytay’s private plane is at Haneda Airport, which is about 30 minutes away from the venue; and assuming she gets off stage and heads straight there; and assuming her plane is on standby (it’s a lot of assumptions, I know), it’s possible she could be in the air before midnight. There’s customs to worry about, sure, but she’s Taylor Swift. It should be a breeze.

It takes about 12 hours to fly from Tokyo to Vegas. It’s possible the flight could be shorter since Taytay is on a private plane. But if all goes smoothly, she lands in Vegas at 1pm on the 10th. She basically has the whole day to rest and can easily make the 3:30pm kick-off the next day. 

Even with hours-long delays, there’s actually some room for Taylor to be able to make it to Vegas to support Travis in the big game. So yes, Taylor Swift can make it to the Superbowl as long as nothing delays her for a day. Fingers crossed. 

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