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Woodford Reserve Simply Dropped a Field of Sweets Impressed by Its Bourbon

Woodford Reserve Simply Dropped a Field of Sweets Impressed by Its Bourbon

Whiskey and chocolate are a perfect match, something that has not gone unnoticed by Kentucky bourbon brand Woodford Reserve. The distillery just announced a collaboration with gourmet chocolate purveyor Compartés on a new collection of sweets inspired by the flavor of its Double Oaked Bourbon, something to keep in mind for the whiskey lover in your life as Valentine’s Day approaches.

This new limited-edition, four-piece chocolate set is a collaboration between Compartés chocolatier Jonathan Grahm and Woodford master distiller Elizabeth McCall. It is meant to be paired with Double Oaked, a Woodford Reserve bourbon expression that is given a secondary maturation in barrels that were heavily toasted and lightly charred, after initially aging in new charred oak barrels, for an extra burst of oak, vanilla, and caramel.

“The flavors in bourbon are so complimentary to the flavors in chocolate, so partnering with Woodford Reserve was a perfect match,” said Grahm in a statement. “I don’t think there’s another bourbon and chocolate pairing that is truly as perfect and in sync as Double Oaked and the chocolate truffles we’ve created.”

The chocolates come in four flavors, each meant to complement a specific tasting note of Double Oaked—butterscotch to pair with the sweet aromatic notes of the bourbon; pear nutmeg to pair with fruit, floral, and spice notes; oak smoked salt caramel to pair with wood and spice notes; and maple pecan to pair with grain, wood, and sweet aromatic notes.

If you’d like to see for yourself if these handcrafted sweets really capture the essence of Double Oaked Bourbon, you can order them today from ReserveBar as a bundle that includes a bottle of Double Oaked and a box of chocolates. Cheers to satisfying your sweet tooth and thirst in one fell swoop.

Source: Robb Report

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