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Woodford Reserve Simply Dropped a Restricted Version Barrel-Power Bourbon

Woodford Reserve Simply Dropped a Restricted Version Barrel-Power Bourbon

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Didn’t we just report on a new limited-edition Woodford Reserve release? Well, good news for fans of this Kentucky distillery, because another new whiskey has arrived to keep you on your toes: the annual limited-edition Batch Proof bourbon.

Batch proof is basically another way of saying “barrel proof,” specifically referring to the strength of the whiskey after a bunch of barrels are blended together without being diluted. But since that is the case with most barrel-proof whiskeys anyway, unless they are single barrel releases, the two terms are essentially interchangeable. Batch Proof has been released every year since 2018, making this the seventh edition. It’s a blend of more than 100 barrels distilled at different times and matured in various warehouses. The final product comes in at 121.2 proof—nowhere near hazmat level, but much stronger than Woodford’s core bourbon which is 90.4 proof. “Barrels drawn from the upper floors of our heat-cycled warehouses tend to possess higher proof presentations including this limited-edition batch,” said master distiller Elizabeth McCall in a statement. “Batch Proof allows consumers to taste Woodford Reserve exactly as it comes out of the barrels.”

We did not get to sample this new release, but official tasting notes describe vanilla bean and pecans on the nose, followed by toasted oak, cocoa, pineapple, dried strawberry, and spiced berries on the palate. You can purchase the 2024 release of Batch Proof now at the distillery (SRP $150), and it will also be available at select retailers around the country and from websites like ReserveBar (be sure to check to see which year you are getting though).

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