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Work From Sea? This New 197-Foot Superyacht Doubles as a Floating Government Suite.

Work From Sea? This New 197-Foot Superyacht Doubles as a Floating Government Suite.

Marsa may be the third Amels 200 to be delivered, but the semi-custom superyacht differs greatly from sisterships Stella M and Moonstone.

The 197-footer, which just left Damen‘s Vlissingen shipyard in the Netherlands, features a unique living area designed to support the owner and their family as they work remotely at sea.

“It was so rewarding to see the owners on board for the christening and blessing ceremony and enjoy that their unique vision became reality,” Tom Oomkens, project manager at Damen, said in a statement. “They were very impressed with the magic we did in the time we had.”

Marsa in the Vlissingen shipyard.


Marsa showcases a sleek exterior from the drawing board of British designer Tim Heywood. The owner opted for a distinctive two-tone paint job, with the hull, curves, and arches finished in Whisper Gray and the windbreakers decked out in dark gray.

Penned by U.K. firm Winch Design, the elegant interiors were designed with long expeditions in mind. (The owner intends to spend extended periods at sea, exploring the Mediterranean and beyond.) The sprawling living quarters, which can be navigated via a four-deck elevator, include cabins for up to 12 guests and space for lounging, entertaining, and working. The owner also decided to add a balcony to the main deck and an outdoor bar to every level because alfresco cocktails are always welcome after the nine-to-five slog.

Amels 200 Superyacht Marsa

A bird’s-eye view of “Marsa.”


As for cruising, Marsa is equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system that enables her to travel some 4,500 nautical miles at 15.5 knots. In other words, the yacht could travel from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to the U.S. (4,042 nautical miles) with no problems. She’ll release fewer emissions than a traditional gas-powered vessel, too.

“For me, again I say this is the most beautiful yacht we’ve made, but I seem to say that with every delivery,” Oomkens added.

Amels 200 Superyacht Marsa

The superyacht in the waters of the Netherlands.

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As mentioned, Marsa is the third Amels 200 in the Limited Editions line to be delivered. Amels introduced the Limited Editions line back in 2007 as a means to speed up and simplify the bespoke boatbuilding process. There are now some 50 Limited Editions cruising the world’s oceans.

Marsa will now embark upon her maiden voyage, following a private itinerary created by her owner.

Source: Robb Report

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