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5 of the Most Costly VR Headsets

5 of the Most Costly VR Headsets

Does Apple’s Vision Pro top the list? These are some of the most expensive VR headsets.

The past few years have seen an uptick in the popularity of virtual reality headsets. Mark Zuckerberg and his company made a lofty prediction saying that the Metaverse would be the future of workspaces and that everyone would one day be utilising VR headsets for work. The former is unlikely but it’s clear that VR headsets aren’t going anywhere. With Apple joining the fray with the release of the Vision Pro earlier this month, we take a look at some of the most expensive VR headsets out there.

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From the MetaQuest to the Vision Pro, these are some of the most expensive VR headsets

PlayStation VR2 – USD 549.99

Image credit: PlayStation

Sure, it may be below a thousand dollars and it’s the cheapest one on this list, but this should put the price into perspective for you: the cheapest PlayStation 5 costs USD 399. Yes, the PSVR2 is more expensive than the console you’ll use it on. The headset boasts 4K visuals, its unique VR2 Sense Technology, and 3D audio. It’s definitely cheaper for those who already have a PS5, but if you haven’t got one, you’ll be spending upwards of a thousand dollars, which includes the game you’re going to be playing. 

Meta Quest Pro – USD 999.99

Image credit: Meta

Meta’s push for the Metaverse didn’t really go their way, and the Meta Quest Pro was also met with mixed reactions. The notion of working in a virtual space with people who could be oceans away is something we hope can be a reality, especially after the pandemic, and the Mark Zuckerberg-led company’s Meta Quest Pro was the hardware that would facilitate all that. While critics did like the design and said it was an improvement from previous iterations, The Verge commented that the headset was “better at showcasing VR’s weaknesses than its new strengths”. 

HTC Vive Pro 2 – USD 1,399

Image credit: Vive

A glimpse at the HTC Vive Pro 2 and you’ll probably think that it lives up to its name: that it’s made for “pros”. Other headsets are being marketed as multiuse devices, whether it’s for gaming or business. However, this headset leans heavily into gaming, boasting 5K resolution and 3D spatial sound. For the most part, critics loved it but noted that it is quite pricey. 

Apple Vision Pro – USD 3,499

Image credit: Apple

Surprised that this isn’t on top of the list? The newest kid on the VR block was just released earlier this month and is already making waves on the internet. The San Cupertino-based company’s foray into the VR headset market was done in a very Apple way: late into the game and with familiar features but done in their unique way. It’s what critics of the brand always point out with their devices, but it can’t be denied that for the most part, it works, and it’s the same with the Vision Pro. Many are hailing it as the best VR headset out there right now—and with an appropriate price tag. 

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Varjo XR-4 Focal Edition – USD 9,990

Image credit: Varjo

There’s a reason why you may not have heard about Varjo’s VR headsets mentioned with the Meta Quests and Vision Pros, and there’s also a reason why it costs almost ten thousand dollars. Unlike its counterparts, the Finnish manufacturer creates “industrial-grade virtual and mixed reality” headsets. While other headsets are meant for gaming or going into the wasteland that is the Metaverse, Varjo’s headsets are used for industrial design and engineering, medical fighter pilot simulations, and even medical training. The company also boasts of having replicated human vision on the headset, “the world’s first gaze-driven XR autofocus system”. Now it makes total sense why its price tag is so lofty.


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