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7 of the Most Expensive Mickey Mouse Watches by Gérald Genta

7 of the Most Expensive Mickey Mouse Watches by Gérald Genta

Barely any cartoon character is as iconic as Mickey Mouse. He appears on a countless number of merchandises around the world, and luxury watches happen to be one of them.

The first Mickey Mouse watch was created in 1933 by Ingersoll and was a huge success; thereby encouraging many more editions of the Mickey Mouse watch afterwards. The first model features the at-the-time Mickey with his arms acting like the hands of the watch, plus three more tiny Mickeys at the 6 o’clock sub-dial. This popular watch was sold for over 11,000 pieces on the first day at a retail price of $3.75.

Nowadays, the Mickey Mouse watch holds a drastically different status. As we look at some of the most expensive Mickey Mouse watches going up to $40,000, the label Gérald Genta gets a lot of mention.

Gérald Genta was a Swiss watchmaker known for his irreplaceable designs for IWC, Omega, Patek Philippe, Universal Genève, and Audemars Piguet. In the 1980s, he obtained a license from The Walt Disney Company and came up with several Disney character watches.

[Hero image credit: Gérald Genta; featured image credit: Christie’s]

7 of the Most Expensive Mickey Mouse Watches by Gérald Genta

Fantasy Retro Mickey Mouse Lady’s Watch

Image credit: Sotheby’s

A beautiful stainless steel case with a red leather strap. This 1998 creation sees Mickey Mouse standing with his arm as retrograde minute hand, encircled by a diamond-set bezel and a mother-of-pearl dial.

Price: 125,000 HKD (approx. $15,923)

Fantasy Retro Mickey Mouse Reference M.10

Image credit: Sotheby’s

This limited edition Fantasy Retro Micky Mouse was made in collaboration with Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005. It has Chinese retrograde minutes and a mother-of-pearl dial. A stainless steel case is enclosed by a red leather strap and Gérald Genta buckle. It went to Sotheby’s auction in April 2023.

Price: HKD 152,400 (approx. $19,000)

Stainless Steel Jump Hour ‘Retro Mickey Mouse’

Image credit: Christie’s

The brown strap really gives off a vintage vibe for this Mickey Mouse timepiece. Dated to 2003, the model is a 36mm watch with a mother-of-pearl dial and a stainless steel clasp. It was sold at the Christie’s The Geneva Edit in December 2023.

Price: approx. CHF 18,900 (approx. $21,000)

Arena Bi-Retrograde Mickey Mouse

Image credit: Gérald Genta

In 2022, another Arena model was launched for the occasion of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which is not hard to guess since the character is seen kicking a football. One of Mickey’s hands points at the minutes, and the whole dial is made of mother-of-pearl. The textured red rubber strap is meant to be practical for sports activities.

Price: $23,200

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Rare Titanium LImited Edition Automatic Jump Hour

Image credit: Christie’s

The Arena model sees one Mickey Mouse on the run and another jolly motif on the sub-dial. It is quite a bit larger than other types of the same kind, made with a 45mm case. The titanium watch, which boasts a mannish black dial, is available for only 80 pieces.

Price: approx. HKD 189,000 (approx. $24,000)

Stainless Steel Automatic Jump Hour

Image credit: Christie’s

This Retro Fantasy model measures 34mm in the mother-of-pearl dial and is fit on a striking blue leather strap. It was sold at Christie’s in May 2022.

Price: approx. HKD 277,200 (approx. $35,000)

Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch

Image credit: Jomashop

The most expensive Mickey Mouse watch in the world is in the Gérald Genta series and produced by Bulgari, which acquired the former brand since 2000. The Arena Retro watch stars smiley Mickey, enclosed in a stainless steel case bezel on a red rubber strap.

Price: $35,000-$40,000

Source: Prestige Online

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