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Watch: How Chef James Kent Makes His Stunning Pork Main Course at N.Y.C.’s Saga

Watch: How Chef James Kent Makes His Stunning Pork Main Course at N.Y.C.’s Saga

When chef James Kent set out to create his own high-level, tasting-menu restaurant he knew he wanted a little different vibe than ones he’d dined at in the past. At Saga in Manhattan’s Financial District he’s done that with a restaurant outstanding enough to earn two Michelin stars, but still relaxed enough you can wear your Jordans and no jacket to.

Part of creating that atmosphere in the restaurant that has taken the place of the former AIG corporate apartment on the 63rd floor at 70 Pine is the food and how he caps the savory courses of his tasting menu. Instead of a small individual portion at the end, Kent has opted for big shareable finales like his beloved duck tagine or his stunning suckling pig.

“Often times you go to a find dining restaurant and you have this little piece and you leave hungry,” Kent says. “I want people to roll their sleeves up, tear things, share, and fight over food. Breaking bread is something that is really important to me, and we want you to leave full and happy.”

In this episode of Culinary Masters Kent shows our Culinary Editor Jeremy Repanich the multi-day process that goes into the pork dish, from marinades to building sauces to different cooking methods, it’s a highly involved course with a wide-ranging blend of cultural influences.

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