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7 Stellar Wines From Spain’s Best Areas

7 Stellar Wines From Spain’s Best Areas

Spanish winemaking dates back to the Roman era when wines were crudely fermented in terra cotta amphorae, but it when Benedictine monks from France began tending vines and making wine in the 12th century the world began to notice quality wines from Spain. When visiting wineries in Rioja we are often shown award certificates from the late 18th century proving that this family’s wines were highly rated at that time and for some time after. Fast forward through two world wars, the Spanish Civil War, and the dictatorial era of Franco when Spanish wines were not well regarded, to modern day Spain and its amazing wines made by world class oenologists. We truly feel we have entered a time when Spanish wines are forces to be reckoned with. Spain makes excellent offerings in all its 69 regions, but we’ve decided to concentrate on stunning Tempranillo-based wines from Ribera del Duero and Rioja. We luxuriated in the dozens of selections we tasted to narrow down to these seven sure-fire winners. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did—salud!

Source: Robb Report

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